American breakfast: 5 types to make at home and feel in the USA
American breakfast 5 types to make at home and feel

American breakfast: 5 types to make at home and feel in the USA

Since for the time being we can’t travel or leave home, it’s also part of finding some routines that make us have a little fun. One of them is to make a breakfast totally inspired by other countries. For this, we created this list with 5 types of full American breakfast for you to make at home and feel in the USA! Also, it is worth remembering that Americans are a reference in fast food, that is, most dishes are very fast, practical and easy to make, don’t worry ?

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It is important to remember that during this time that we are at home, quarantined, it is legal to follow a routine. Here, what we try to follow is the Breakfast. After all, it is important to wake up and start the day by eating well.
We Brazilians sometimes simplify our coffee to a bagel on the plate with coffee, which is delicious and everything is fine, after all, usually lunch is well reinforced. But, it is not the case of Americans, where lunch ends up being a snack or something simpler and the main meal is breakfast, to start the day with lots of energy and well satisfied.

1: Traditional American breakfast

What better way to start this list than with the pancakes? It is very common to see people in american breakfast eating pancakes. There are films and it always makes your mouth water, after all, it comes with delicious syrups. There are many recipes here on this link.

To accompany, another classic:
scrambled eggs with bacon. The two ingredients are soooo used in almost everything there, so the union of the two, in a very simple way, is a great option. For the scrambled egg, just mix it with a little butter, put it in the hot frying pan and stir gradually after the whites are white. If you want you can add some cheese. Bacon is just to fry, without much secret. And to drink, how about a natural orange juice?

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2: Practical American coffee

THE french toast is almost a Brazilian toast from the american breakfast, what changes is the type of bread used. Masssss, you can make with the bread you have at home, that’s why it’s so practical. And to prepare is super simple: beat eggs and sugar, then add a little milk and a pinch of salt. So just dip the bread in the mixture and fry it on both sides. Ah, if you want you can add butter, vanilla and cinnamon, but it is optional. And of course, to follow, use the syrup of your preference, just like the pancake.

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And to enter this stool together, there is something easier than a fried egg? If you want, you have a american tartine that I taught how to do on here ? And to drink, iced tea – has a very tasty option on here!

3: To the sweetest ones

For candy lovers, waffles! The classics are well known for going well with everything, that is, the sky is the limit for choosing the roof. Here on the site there is waffle recipe with ice cream, another one of churros and even one gluten free and milk.

Another one that combines, to make it a little sweeter, are the famous
Cookies. THE the recipe this one and it works the same way, you can do with whatever you have: chocolate, cherries, confectionery… Oh, and to keep it from being sooooo sweet, how about a peanut butter to accompany and break a delicious cappuccino?

4: More exquisite

THE bagel it is nothing more than a donut-shaped bread, but with a denser and heavier texture. That is, to make a recipe for bread that you love and bake in the shape of donuts, all you need is to make it. What’s different is that we american breakfast they put malt syrup in the dough. The tip to adapt to our ingredients is to use honey ? Ah, there is a recipe for condensed milk bread on here that can work very well.

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Another well-known and exquisite dish is eggs Benedict. The recipe is traditional in the brunch American, and as much as it is well elaborated, I suggest a good bit of confidence a Paulo Cuenca. To prepare, just use the poached egg technique: make a bundle with film paper in a deep container and break the eggs inside. Then, take it to the fire in the hot water until it lasts. To accompany, the classic Benedictine egg has a hollandaise sauce, but I suggest you use the sauce you have around, to make it easier: mustard, how about?

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  • And to drink, what do you think of a hot chocolate? There are many recipes on here.

5: Special

This one is great for Sunday, when you want something very special to brighten the day. THE muffin it’s a super yummy candy from american breakfast, and of course, you make several at once and eat throughout the week. Ah, it’s very similar to a cupcake, only more fluffy, and I’ve also made many recipes from them and you can check them all on here.

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For salty the suggestion is to frittata, which is a very nutritious and versatile dish, after all, just like an omelet, you can exchange the stuffing for things you have at home. Teaching to do in this recipe here.

And to follow:
mocha at american breakfast! I’m sure you’ve seen it on several famous cafeteria menus, but it is a very special drink, precisely because of the perfect combination of coffee, milk and chocolate or cocoa powder. It’s easy: just mix everything, using the measurements you prefer.
So, did you like it? I hope you can travel to various places through gastronomy.
The options are all with 1 salty, 1 sweet and a drink. And of course, you can mix, change the order and do with whatever is out there in your fridge, just like we have been doing here for the past few days: chocolate brownie, quick omelet and Moroccan couscous.
Tell us in the comments which breakfast you chose ?
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