American Carrot Cake: What’s the Difference?

American Carrot Cake: What's the Difference?

When someone talks about carrot cake for those who are Brazilian, the first image that comes to mind is that orange dessert, accompanied by a delicious chocolate icing. However, Americans know a very different version of this candy, both in appearance and in taste and texture!
Thinking about it, I decided to comment on the main differences between these two delights. Who there guesses what they are?


carrot cake
Our traditional carrot cake doesn’t have much of a secret. Here, practicality is the keyword for success and that’s why we hit everything in the blender – including the carrot! This method of processing all ingredients causes the dough to become orange, the trademark of our recipe.
Carrots, flour, oil, eggs, sugar and yeast are the basis for the dough, and the coverage usually varies between brigadeiro, more sugary chocolate syrup, ganache … this part is to the customer’s taste, as long as he has the chocolate!
The texture is soft and comes apart with each mouthful, with the perfect balance between softness, moisture and flavor. Oh, and if you can’t get the point on the cake, you can rest assured. We already shared here on the site some tips for preparing the dough, so hurry up and see!


american carrot cake

Photo: Styles Sweet

Cinnamon, nutmeg, powdered ginger, brown sugar, nuts… These are some of the ingredients that make American carrot cake so different from ours. In addition to these spices, the carrot is placed in the grated dough. In other words, the orange color that we know so much is not present in this version.
Because of the nuts and grated carrots, the texture of this cake ends up being quite different from ours, with greater nuances of textures. In addition, the dough usually gets heavier, almost like a banana cake.
Another detail that also makes all the difference is the coverage! While ours is very chocolatuda, the American is more dairy. That’s because the base is made with sour cream and cream cheese.
So, which of these recipes do you prefer? I confess that I’m in love with our version mesmo

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