Amorino Ice Cream

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You know that since I came to live here in the United States, I discovered that the geography books were right. Because the leaves all in shades ranging from dark green to brown, passing through red, orange and yellow really fall in autumn, in winter it is really cold to hurt the bones with “naked” trees and snow on all sides, spring it arrives with the flowering of the plants, with a milder climate, colors, butterflies and birds humming in the window and in the summer, oh in the summer it is really hot to kill (literally).
Amorino Ice Cream Parlor3
That said, I’m ready to talk about the place of today’s post: the Amorino Ice Cream Shop, which was a pleasant surprise and refreshed one of these afternoon wandering around Manhattan, under a hellish heat (in the shade). Experiencing summer here is a very pleasant and very desired experience … especially after the bitter winter we had earlier this year. Calories aside, summer is even that time of year when Gelatoes, Ice creams, Sorbets, Frozen Yogurts, Popsicles (popsicles) and everything else that can refresh the cuca and throat are welcome and introduced daily in New Yorkers’ meals. , so don’t be alarmed when you find queues in front of the sales outlets. Be patient and wait because the feeling of happiness is enormous afterwards.
Amorino Ice Cream Parlor5
At the Amorino Ice Cream Shop, specializing in Artisanal Italian Ice Cream (Gelatos) it was no different. Located at University Place, close to Union Square, in a neighborhood full of cute and alternative little restaurants, the Ice Cream Parlor with classic airs and decoration, even a little elaborate, offers an ice cream that has as its philosophy to be produced only using organic and natural ingredients. using no dyes, additives or artificial flavors. But already know that you will have to wait to be served. Or even to sit in the few black leather seats and imposing back. Although, in my humble opinion, the best thing is to shop and walk around the city, savoring your little minutes of refreshment, trying to eat all the ice cream before it melts, melting your hand and leaving a path of flavors wasted by floor.
Amorino Ice Cream Parlor2
The Ice Cream Shop is the result of the partnership of two childhood friends and after conquering Italy, it gained space in France and today it is present in several countries in Europe and here, in NY. According to them, production is centralized and distributed ready to be served in stores. This would avoid any change in the taste of the product and the quality of the ingredients used. The flavors are pure and super traditional and the cool thing is that they speak the origin of the ingredients. For example, the banana is from Ecuador, the coffee is from Brazil, the Pistachio is Turkish and so on … I’m in love with the waffle cone in which ice cream is served and the biggest surprise of this Ice Cream Shop is that you choose the size you want ( cornetto picollo, medium cornetto or cornetto grande – also served in cups) and as many flavors as you want. And then they build the ice cream on the cone as if it were a flower with petals. Each petal is delicately constructed with the help of a spatula and at the end of the wait (which is longer than other ice cream parlors) you leave the store with an edible sculpture in your hands.
Amorino Ice Cream Shop
The chosen flavors were strawberry, yogurt and flakes (stracciatella). The flavors are very rich and prominent and the ice cream is very creamy, a delight! As I was accompanied, I was also able to try speculos, pistachios and chocolate. I recommend. In fact, I want to taste ALL the flavors… lol.
In addition to ice cream, they also sell espresso and coffee-based drinks, milkshakes, cookies and candies. Ah! Waffles and crepes too! Anyway, aside from waiting, the price is reasonable and the product makes you want more… I’ll still be back at Amorino before the summer is over and for you who are interested, here goes the website address to take a look and start salivating before even to land on either side of here:
Amorino Ice Cream Shop
Buon appetito! Mangiare il gelato che si do bene =]

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