An authentic sailor bath in San Blas
An authentic sailor bath in san blas

An authentic sailor bath in San Blas

Our vacation destination was San Blas, or rather, Kuna Yala. This paradise is an archipelago with 365 islands, located in Panama. As we went there to rest, we did not record much, but even so we will share our experience with you through the posts here on the website and also on instagram!
The islands are quite small and basically without infrastructure, with only a few of them having bathrooms and places for visitors to stay. Still, even in these more “developed” islands, there is no type of water treatment. For this reason, the little fresh water they have must be saved to the maximum. I already told you more about the island and its residents in another post – to read it just click here!

Photo: Paulo Cuenca

Paulo and I took the sailing trip, so we stayed on the islands during the day and at night we slept on the boat. I will not say that it is the most comfortable tour we have ever done, but it is still worth the experience. In fact, it is precisely the simplicity and lack of structure that make the region so special and unique.
Now you must be wondering how we showered, right? The sea is the answer! As the boat had no shower, we used the sea to wash, so the term “sailor’s bath” became common on the trip. There are basically four stages and no one better than Paulo to do the demonstration, haha ​​?
1- First you have to enter the sea to get wet!

2- Get out of the water, apply shampoo, conditioner and soap.

3- Then just go back to the sea! You need to rinse yourself somehow, right?

4- Only after that you return to the boat and use a little fresh water to remove the salt water from the body.

I think Paulo’s explanation made everything clearer, don’t you think? Haha! I swear it tastes better than it looks!
Soon I’ll tell you even more details of this trip for you, so stay tuned on the website ? Aah, and anyone who has questions or suggestions for the next posts can also leave it here in the comments!

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