Animal print on the farm

Animal print on the farm

If you read the previous post from Fazenda Maria you noticed that I left São Paulo under the rain. But arriving in Cerquilho, where the farm is, imagine the sun it was making.
Yes my people, that sun to burn the cocoruto, as my grandmother would say kkkkk. Too hot! Just standing in the shade, I was sweating, now imagine with pantyhose, boots and inside the greenhouses. Uiuiuuiiuiui almost died of heat!
But like everything in life, if you are in the sun then it is to burn and I stood there, firm and strong and holding the look with mastery! Let me stop bullshit soon and tell you everything, tim tim by tim tim.
Usually I choose a look for the main piece, which can be a blouse, or a dress. I think I rarely did a composition without thinking first about the part that will stand out the most and yesterday was no different. I put on this very loose and straight dress, almost with a 1920s cut, with mesh and a discreet animal print and with a gray background.
As it was cold and raining when I left the house, I put on black mixed pantyhose with small gray streaks and a heavy boot with a side buckle, mainly because I am afraid of a snake and I know that if it got sunny after a heavy rain there they could leave the nest.

To give a more delicate look, a black leather watch.
1. dress | Kate Spade
2. Mixed Sock | American Apparel
3. Boot | All Saints Spitalfields
4. Clock | Kate Spade
Did you like the look? Next time I’ll go in shorts!

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