Antique fairs and thrift stores in Rome

Antique fairs and thrift stores in Rome

There are no better places than thrift stores and antique markets to find authentic pieces that are different from everything you see in the windows of popular stores. As you may have noticed from travel posts and even vlogs, I really love finding clothes, accessories and even vintage decor items in these places and in Rome would be no different.
A city as historic as this could not fail to have its vintage corners. The region is full of squares that bring together artists and individual sellers, in addition to fixed markets and thrift stores. I selected some of the places that I found most interesting and of course I will share with you ?

Porta Portese

Antique fairs and thrift stores in Rome

Photo: @introvertintimacies

Porta Portese is one of the most popular markets for tourists and residents of Rome. It is located in Trastevere, a very lively area of ​​the city, perfect for those who like to walk the streets and discover new places. There you can find a little bit of everything: clothes, books, antiques, shoes, decorative items and much more.
Ah, another thing they sell there and it is an incredible way to save money is the souvenirs. Everyone who travels knows the headache of thinking about gifts for family and friends without spending a lot and going to fairs of this style is a good way to save.

Borghetto Flaminio

Antique fairs and thrift stores in Rome

Photo: @wilson_upp

Even opening only on Sundays, Borghetto Flaminio is one of the best known fairs in Rome. It is not very busy, so it is a good option for those who enjoy antiques. The place is not as frequented as other fairs because to enter there you have to pay a fee of approximately 2 euros (values ​​researched in March / 2018).
Everything is well used and old, so don’t expect to find something relatively new as we found in some thrift stores. The fair seeks space for vintage things that, in an ordinary store, would not be found.


Antique fairs and thrift stores in Rome

Photo: @ la.vis

Pifebo is a very popular thrift store among the residents of Rome, especially those with a more retro or hipster style. The prices are great and they sell several well-known brands, such as Adidas or soccer team shirts. The atmosphere of the place is also super fun, decorated with red walls and some antiques.
If you want to build a very vintage look without spending a lot, be sure to go to this thrift store. He is, without a doubt, one of the best in the city. You will leave there with beautiful, cheap and super authentic clothes.

Moll Flanders

Antique fairs and thrift stores in Rome

Photo: Global Blue

If you are looking for designer clothes at a cheaper price, Moll Flanders is the ideal place! They sell both second-hand clothes and some new ones, as well as accessories and shoes. One of the things you find most in the place are women’s and men’s jackets – the selection ranges from denim jackets to more formal ones. Like almost any thrift store, the pieces are very old, but it is worth taking a walk there ?

Homer and Cecilia’s old clothes

Antique fairs and thrift stores in Rome

Photo: Disclosure

This thrift store is a little smaller than the others and also one that sells older things. The owners of Omero & Cecilia Vestiti Vecchi are concerned with selling items that would not be found in other stores and that is why they are very special curators. The place is small, but it holds surprising products and full of history. It is a paradise for those who love antiques and like to see or buy clothes and accessories with that very retro face.
Not everyone likes this style of fair and store, but I think it’s cool to go to at least one of these places. Fairs, for example, are incredible alternatives for those who want to mine pieces at affordable prices and still enjoy the streets and landscapes outdoors ?

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