Apfelwein: Frankfurt apple wine

Apfelwein: Frankfurt apple wine

Who likes a good wine needs to taste the Apfelwein Frankfurt. The drink, unlike what we are used to, is made with apples! Because of the fermentation, the flavor is somewhat acidic, but without losing the aroma of the fruit.
And as it was made to be taken cold, it is a great refreshment option for the hot days of Germany. If you were curious to know more about the origin of apple wine and also want recommendations for where to take it, stay tuned to this information:


Apfelwein appeared around 1600 in Frankfurt am Main. Initially, it was a much cheaper alternative compared to wine. Over time, climate change and military devastation in Germany, cider came to be considered a substitute for wine.
The exact origin of it, as far as is known, is from the region of Hessen – German state to which Frankfurt belongs. Oh, and if you go looking for the drink in the city, you will also find it by the names Stöffche or Ebbelwei.


Although it looks like a juice, apfelwein contains 5% alcohol. It also has some differences from traditional ciders, mainly because it has a drier flavor with a sour touch.
This drink can be found at almost all restaurants Frankfurt and served normally in large transparent glasses. Which will yield beautiful photos!
As much as this drink is everywhere in the city, there are some special places recognized for serving a great apfelwein. We list some that you can’t miss!


Apple Wine - Frankfurt
This first restaurant has a very nice history, mainly for its structure and location. THE Eschenheimer tower it was built between 1426 and 1428 to be a watchtower. With 47 m high and eight floors, its objective was to protect the city from the various dangers of the time.
Today, the place works as a restaurant on the first floor! It is a great option to taste the apfelwein and eat a delicious pizza, affectionately called Pizza Bread by Paulo in a video on the channel.


Apple Wine - Frankfurt

Photo: @baldurgourmet

With that complicated name to pronounce, this place is the most traditional bar and restaurant that has served this drink since 1931. In addition to serving apfelwein, on the menu there are dishes starting at 5.20 euros.
With a relaxed atmosphere that brings together local residents and tourists, Wagner manufacture your own apfelwein (and if you like it a lot, can you guarantee a bottle to take home?).


Apple Wine - Frankfurt

Photo: @omeroc

Ebbelwoi Unser is another traditional Frankfurt restaurant recognized for serving great apfelwein. Despite this, what really draws attention is the climate of the environment: throughout the night collective gifts with apple wine, always after the bell rings. To have this atmosphere of proximity, the restaurant has huge wooden tables and the goal is really to have this unity of several people.
Do you like cider and were curious to taste the Apfelwein? Run through the channel to see Paulo’s reaction proving it, or watch it below:

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