Apps and websites for cheap tickets!

Apps and websites for cheap tickets!

When we start planning a trip, usually the price of the ticket alone is scary! In this time of crisis and with the dollar high, nothing better than some tips to save money without leaving your passion for travel aside!

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I had already commented in a video with Ju Goes that these promotions are great for those who do not have a very defined destination, but it ends up being complicated to always enter to see the prices – even more because some of these sites record the most searched destinations recently and increase the fare amount (so always clear your computer’s cookies).
In the video we even gave some suggestions of sites that help, but even so it is worth mentioning some very good ones – even because having several options is always better, since the airlines have different rates for each one of them.
Despite the advantages, it is clear that you always need to be attentive to details, such as whether the shipping fee and charges are included. Checking is never too much!


They have soooo good deals! Today I went in and had a ticket to Miami for R $ 856.00! It is always good to consult the main offers, because they are super worth it.

The application is very easy to use and has a function that I loved! You set a price limit for a given destination (and if you want to date). Whenever Voopter has a promotion that “fits” your profile, it sends an email! Super practical, right?


The sites have very cool and super current travel tips, that is, the content is also very attractive! In addition, it also has the alert function for the destination you want, according to the date.


Kayak is very versatile! In addition to flight prices, you can also book hotels, rent a car, access maps and even check if your plane is going to leave on time! The alarm is also a differential of the app.

Unmissable Tickets

In addition to the promotions on the home page, Passes Must-See is perfect for backpackers. It doesn’t really matter where you arrive and depart as long as the price is good. In the app you can filter the desired continent and see the best deals!

Top Destinations


Both the website and the application focus on momentary promotion! On the website, in addition to promotions, you can search for your destination and compare prices. Even if the app does not have this function, it is super worth installing: it is free and you can activate promotion notifications! That way, you don’t have to check the app every time.
I hope I made your life a little easier when planning your next trip!

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