Ara Vartanian |  My favorite jeweler
Ara vartanian my favorite jeweler

Ara Vartanian | My favorite jeweler

I am not a person who likes extravagant jewelry, much less exaggerated. I like those delicate ones, but with a modern and somewhat unusual style.
Many of you, for example, have already asked me where my bracelet is, which I always wear on my left wrist with a skull pendant or my “toothed” trap ring, almost a shark bite.
This is the kind of jewelry I like and wear: delicate, but with personality. However, nowadays with extremely widespread brands it is increasingly difficult to find jewelry that runs away from the obvious: that cute and romantic story or geometric collections.
That’s why my favorite jeweler these days is Ara Vartanian. With a unique style and many black diamonds, he is responsible for creations like the inverted diamond or those two or three finger rings that later became popular in other jewelry stores and also in costume jewelry.
All of her pieces are handmade and each one is totally unique.
Of course, I am not an heir and I am not even swimming in money from YouTube adsense kkkk, but on very special dates Paulo usually gives me some piece of Ara, because he knows my admiration for his work. And that was the case on this Valentine’s Day which was very special, as we are about to complete 10 years of dating.
He gave me this beautiful gold necklace with trap-shaped diamonds too, like my ring. And of course I loved it!
Liked? What do you usually get for Valentine’s Day?

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