Architectural sweets – Gastronomy is also art

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Source: Mossandfog
What Zaha Hadid, Oscar Niemeyer and Dinara Kasko have in common? The three are architects. What differentiates them is how they used the profession, architect Dinara creates gastronomic masterpieces with architectural formats or as Chaves would say Chinforifolas ? Innovative creations have already created curiosity in renowned confectioners like Pierre Hermé.
Source: Mossandfog
After graduating from Kharkov University, Dinara worked as photographer and designer at Netherlands. Then he decided to take a sabbatical and it was at that moment that he found himself in kitchen.
Source: Caperiodista
THE process creating recipes is innovative too, imagining its culinary works as buildings, using silicone molds in 3D printers creates your sugary treats. Creations are made to order only.
The sweets have diagrammatic shapes imitating contemporary architecture. However, in this case instead of using steel, concrete or glass it uses chocolate, and others Ingredients.
Source: Restnova – Ana Coppola Pinterest – Idolcipenella

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