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Passionate about world architecture, nostalgic for travel or lovers wanting to keep memories of great adventures… Whatever your reason, we all have in mind emblematic monuments in the back of our heads that remind us of good times. So why not wear them at your fingertips? This is the envy of the Montbrison jewelry store, with the architecture ring. Indeed, the Maison Tournaire has been offering for many years an original piece of jewelry that reveals the silhouette of a house from certain angles. But today, with “Design Your Ring”, the Tournaire ring is made à la carte and consists of buildings that you want to place around your fingers.

The architectural ring from the house of Tournaire

For more than forty years, the master jeweler Philippe Tournaire has been making rings with cities around the world and historical monuments. Architectures rings therefore have a very important place in the brand’s creations. For the record, we find architectural rings from the Merovingian period, in Gaul, in the graves of women of the upper aristocracy. It was in 1975 that Philippe Tournaire began to design and manufacture jewelry in figurative forms. The Tournaire house had its beginnings in the workshop of Saint-Germain-Laval in Montaison then in Lyon and finally Place Vendôme. Today, the creations of the Tournaire house are successful all over the world, and continue to skillfully combine traditional know-how and avant-garde technologies.

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Design Your Ring by the house Tournaire

The story began in 2016. In fact, the Tournaire house secretly joined forces with Dassault System at the time for the “Design Your Ring” project, an innovative application for personalizing jewelry.

After two years of development and the participation of many different skills “Design Your Ring” can be summed up in the words of Mathieu Tournaire, general manager of the house and son of Philippe, the creator of the brand.

We use the best of the past and the best of the future.

The order is made via the application, where, thanks to the 3D design, each one chooses one by one the buildings to appear on their future architecture ring. The jewelry can be gold or silver. Once the model is defined, it is printed in wax using the ancestral technique of lost wax casting. Finally, the metal is cast and the made-to-measure ring comes to life.

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Architecture ring design

The process is broken down into three stages. The first step is to personalize your architecture ring. Depending on the size of the finger, everyone can position more or less buildings. From the app, architectural elements slide all along the ring. The platform is very intuitive and it is fun to switch styles Art Deco from the Chrysler Building to the Moai of Easter Island.

Solidworks software publisher Dassault Systèmes made this experience possible. Indeed, the software allows from the jeweler’s site to play in 3D with his virtual jewel before sending it to production.

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Secondly, the unique ring will be made in France, in the Tournaire workshops in Montbrison.

Finally, the ring is delivered within 15 working days after validation of the order.

Architecture but above all travel memories at your fingertips

Combining art and technology, this project offers the possibility of creating a unique and tailor-made ring. The personalization is very complete: the application allows you to compose the ring on the basis of its Architecture model.

Indeed, via the application, you can choose from 56 monuments on the planet such as Machu Picchu, the Pyramids of Giza, a Chinese pagoda, the Stupa of Bodnath, Christ the Redeemer etc … So many choices that allow you to create a very special ring with architectural wonders from around the world. The order of engraving is fully customizable. We tell you, it’s tailor-made!

The idea is to create a ring that reminds you of travel memories, places that have marked you. The ring is unique and in your image: or rather that of your life, your travels, the places where you have lived, where you dream of going or which reminds you of someone. The Tournaire house has always been concerned with making jewelry that evokes a personal story to everyone.

It is a jewel steeped in history, very sentimental and which has a singular value. Integrating places that have marked us in one way or another is a very nice idea for Maison Tournaire. It is a way of having at your fingertips – finger – a memorable moment, a sweet memory.

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Beyond the beautiful idea of ​​a jewel, it is also the combination of skills that is to be noted. Two years of collaboration between the house and Dassault System were necessary for the completion of the project. Maison Tournaire is always on the lookout for innovation and something never seen, never done. Dassault Systèmes, the 3D software publisher Solidworks, offered the jeweler the tool of its ambitions.

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Now it’s up to you to create your own ring!

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