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One of the most common expressions in gastronomy is “Eat with your eyes”. I was looking for pictures of food and the result was: “Georgina Luck”. I was immediately enchanted by the work of this painter from the city of Brighton – United Kingdom. She is a freelance illustrator, works with watercolor and certainly has a lot of love for what she does.
Taking advantage of the opportunity, it is worth remembering that recognition is one of the most valuable ways to pay someone who does what they love. So, whenever you use images authored by someone else, give due credit and assign source. I share some of her work here and also ICKFD recipes in case you get inspired to do something!
A naked cake always invites you to a slice, the suggestion for this illustration is the Naked Cake de Coco with raspberry cream.
Some fruits are easier at some times of the year, so how about making canned fruits? We have a very delicious cherry post about Griottines.
These berries are also the star of the black forest cake. Irresistible.
In the post Ditos da Gastronomia, item 4 says: “Yes, it is true, you will never be sufficiently equipped”. Check out the others by clicking here.
Who has never fearlessly plunged into a carrot cake? Did you know that it has a nutrient called beta carotene?
Apples and blueberries have already met here. Putting a little bit of oats in this muffin recipe is not a bad idea!
Banana is a very versatile fruit, but in an inverted pie there is only one option: surrender. It looks great as a main ingredient in bread (click here for the recipe) or even that cold Sunday lunch dessert.
Red fruits and beets together in a recipe without artificial colors: cheesecake!
If the desire for adventure persists, prepare a beet cake and discover new flavors in the confectionery.
Strawberry is good, it’s candy! And also pie, tartelette and brigadier drumstick ?
Coco loves chocolate. This prestigious cake will win your heart. If you prefer a smaller version, bet on the cupcake. At ICKFD you also have the option of gluten or milk and those on a diet are not left out. Coconut bar for all tastes!
Flowers, filling your cakes with life! In this post you learn to decorate them with grace and color.
Tahiti and Sicilian lemons, freshness, flavor and aroma in a unique cream. What are you waiting for? Click here for the recipe. When the heat calls for something even more refreshing, don’t hesitate. The lemon ice cream cake is guaranteed success!
Stuffed tomatoes or a galette with tomatoes are always welcome.
If you want to follow Georgina Luck’s work closely, this is the official website and here her blog.

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