Art on the Plate

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On a lazy morning in June 2012, Ida Frosk woke up to go to work. He arrived in the kitchen and took a good look at the simple toast that would be, once again, his breakfast. Instead of spreading some butter, eating and following the routine, she decided to decorate the morning bread with some banana slices and strawberry slices. The result was the creation of two characters, Senhor Urso and Senhor Raposa, and the publication of the photo on Instagram, which, according to Ida, meant the defense of the right to play with food even as an adult. Angry! After that, the success of the toasts (each day more elaborate) was so much that she did not stop gaining followers – today she has 283k – and even published a book with the photographs.
In addition, she quit her job (something related to math, nothing much to do with what she really likes to do) and immersed herself in the profession of food artist. Norwegian, she now lives in Berlin with her boyfriend and has made headlines in several newspapers and magazines across Europe. If you want to know more about her, this is the link to her blog and this is Instagram.
After “The Art Toast Project”, completed in 2013, in which Ida created several toasts inspired by various artists around the world, she also ventured to prepare even more elaborate dishes, with colorful scenes and even self-portraits!
Something that caught my attention was the way she portrays her works. For example: “Cat enjoying the fire. Black beans, yogurt, vegan sausages, pumpkin, peppers, spinach. ”
“Owls watching colorful fireworks. Pancakes, yogurt, dried blueberries, fruit. ”
Something sounds very similar when we remember visits to museums, right? I loved this woman, people! Stay with more photos while I run to the kitchen to invent something with my toast; D
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