Artificial Pearls to Enhance Hairstyle

Artificial Pearls to Enhance Hairstyle

I have already told you several times here on the website that I am not a person who is adept at hairstyles on a daily basis, even for not having so much skill when it comes to making more elaborate versions. That is why I almost never leave the classic ponytail or messy bun. Despite being a more basic person in this regard, I know that there are accessories that can help to versatile the simplest hair.
I made a post a few weeks ago about scrunchies, those hair bands covered with fabric in the 80’s and 90’s vibe. Of course, there are many other complementary options that can enhance the most basic hairstyles and today I decided to talk about artificial pearls!

Artificial Pearls to Enhance Hairstyle

Photo: Love Maegan

It is not really an accessory, but an application that helps to give up the elastics, clamps, bows, loops, tiaras, bands … They are excellent options for those who enjoy a more delicate and romantic look, right? However, even if I’m not a fan of this style, I think it’s cool to create a counterpoint in a heavier look.

With staples and rubber bands, the effect is a little more discreet. Now, if your idea is to highlight the detail, it is worth betting on decorated bows and, of course, more luxurious barrettes!
Incidentally, one of the coolest things about this application is that it works both on funky and casual looks, and on more elaborate hairstyles for special occasions ?

Artificial Pearls to Enhance Hairstyle

Photos: Shein and Cornelia Webb via Net-a-Porter


Of course, I wouldn’t talk about this trend without giving product tips. I selected 10 incredible pieces, of the most diverse styles and prices, to indicate here!
I hope you like it and maybe invest in hairstyles with the complement? I’m dying to try the more delicate versions!
Artificial Pearls to Enhance Hairstyle
1- Renner Pearls Hair Band – R $ 9.90
2- Princess Clamp from Vitórioa Cabaleiro – R $ 170,00
3- Black Tiara with Pinli Pearl Mix – R $ 169.00
4- Velvet Scrunchie with Rose Pearls from Renner – R $ 19.90
5- Pearl Donut from Beauty Box – R $ 34.90
6- Renner Artificial Pearl Tiara – R $ 15.90
7- Hair Clips with Pearls from The Beauty Box- R $ 23.90
8- Navy Blue Velvet Bow with Pinli Stones – R $ 169.00
9- Pearl Hair Buckle Rose from The Beauty Box – R $ 24.90
10- Renner Black Pearl Velvet Scrunchie – R $ 19.90

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