Attention calorie trap These foods contain a particularly large number of fats!

Attention calorie trap These foods contain a particularly large number of fats!

What does fat look like in food? A picture of a bottle of olive oil or a packet of butter is sure to appear in your mind’s eye. But the hidden fats are much more insidious.

With oil and butter it is well known that she nearly exclusively from fat consist, that our salad or should enrich our bread. But aren’t the hidden fats much more dangerous and the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing? We show examples of hidingte fats and reveal why they are so unhealthy.

Visible and hidden Fats in food: the difference

Salami, meat sausage or cream cheese are, as far as the fat content goes, not exactly to be located in the lower area. Because these are foods in which fats are seldom suspected at first glance. This is a good way of reaching out to the food, which is particularly treacherous. These hidden fats mostly also consist of the unhealthy, saturated fatty acids.

I.m Contrary to that give visible fats beautiful to recognize at first glance that in them It contains fat in no small amount. A paradebexample is bacon or the crust of a roast pork. When looking at these two dishes, the association fat i flashes at the same timem brain on. In addition, visible fats can be found in (logically!) Butter, lard, oil or margarine.

French fries are delicious - but also high in calories

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Those delicious golden potato sticks – hardly any of us can walk past them. “I’ll practice that again afterwards while jogging,” many people think. But you will be surprised what I REALLY have to do to avoid gaining weight from the fries …

Good fats for the body

Even if fat is often demonized, for our body fat is far more than a tasteanger. According to nutrition experts is Fat our most important energy suppliereven more essential than proteins or carbohydrates. However, at this point it depends a lot on the sources from which you get the fat.

Especially nuts and Nut fruit, like avocados, contain healthy and therefore unsaturated fatty acids. With its omega-three fatty acids, fish can also be an important addition to your diet. 60 Gram healthier fate per day are the recommendation for a balanced diet for an adult woman.

Stay away from pills - opt for delicious foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids

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In order to keep our metabolism in good shape, our body needs around 250 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids every day. They regulate our hormonal balance, have anti-inflammatory effects, lower cholesterol, improve mood and much more.

Dangerous hidden fats in food: The Top 6 the hidden onen Fats

In a sense, avocados and nuts also contain hidden fats, but these come in handy for your body. Before these examples hidn FatsBut from now on you should be more careful.

1. Salami and other types of sausage

Salami, meat sausage or Cervelatwurst – the list of sausages with one high fat is long. To annähernd 50 percent of the Deutschen’s favorite sausage is salami made from fat. At first glance this is not obvious. So who’s cold cuts more conscious want to enjoy, should grab the ham. You separate the white one Fat rim off the ham, you have already successfully removed the fatty part of the ham.

2. croissant

That croissants in which aen or other baker also butter croissants be calledactually saysI already have everything. Around 21 percent There is fat in the seemingly harmless pastry. Around 400 calories has a butter croissant. Like the name butter croissant reveals, the fat comes from pure butter. It is significantly lower in calories, if you morning Spread jam on your wholemeal bread.

3. Cake or pastry

Cakes and pastries are not exactly healthyThis is known. However, the high amount of sugar is only too often given as the reason for this. But that’s not all: if you like cake backs, certainly knows too howthere is a lot of butter in a single piece of sheet cake. Assuming an average cake, the fat content can range between 10 and 20th Percent lie.

4. Cheese

Sausage stands out when it comes to fat content, on our red hidete fatList – cheese but Unfortunately too. Especially cream cheese With Double cream level is more unhealthy than it suggests at first glance. cream cheese With Double cream level contains around 60 Percent fat in the dry maizesse. But a low-fat substitute can be found quickly. Spice up some curd with herbs and spices and you’ve found the perfect cream cheese substitute for your morning bread.

5. Ready meals

If you’re in a hurry, are ready meals your best friend? Understandable, but your body will it to you not thank. With ready meals one quickly gets into “dependency”. The preservatives and unhealthy fats it contains affect your healthtaste buds solid and very soon you can not do without. Tastedamplifier and Co. can disrupt your healthy diet in the long term. And the fat content is also with rund 35 grams for a 350 gramPizza very high.

6. Chips

Sweets are also an inconspicuous kind way too much fatto take. The classics among these salty calorie bombs are Crisps. 100 grams of salty temptation contains 35 grams of fat – these are mainly the unhealthy ones saturatedn Fetacids. Do you want something healthier? sneck, you can grab a handful of nuts. The fat content is similarly high here, but with nuts you are getting a good source of energy.

Conclusion: It is not that easy to completely delete the examples of hidden fats from life. But a good first step is it Process as many foods as possible in their pure form themselves. So keep you best of all the overview about the fat content.

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