Attention figure traps! These 5 lunch mistakes make you fat

Attention figure traps!  These 5 lunch mistakes make you fat

The morning is already done, the afternoon slump is still ahead of us. So it’s time for a decent lunch. But often the break is only bridged with a small snack. Fatal mistake, because in the long term it will go straight to your hips.

1. Reach for the smoothie

Quickly tip down a smoothie instead of solid food? After all, it has a lot of vitamins and nutrients – and even more fructose. It lets the insulin level skyrocket and hunger quickly returns.

2. Add calories to the salad

Salad also has a reputation for being a healthy filler. After all, the lettuce leaf is full of fiber and has next to no calories. The Caesar dressing, the croutons or the Parmesan cheese all the more. Ready-made sauces in particular contain a lot of sugar – vinegar-oil dressings are much lighter.

3. Eat too many carbohydrates

The advantage at the bakery around the corner: With a sandwich or a slice of pizza, we quickly have a substantial meal on hand. Disadvantage: It consists mainly of carbohydrates, which may fill you up in the short term, but make the afternoon low even worse. Muesli, wholemeal bread with quark or a portion of vegetable sticks are more of an alternative to satisfy hunger.


Lunch box recipe
Glazed meatballs – enjoyment for lunch

Goodbye sandwich – hello enjoyment! Prepared with love and brought from home, not only your wallet is happy, but above all your stomach!

4. Refrain from drinking

Drink, drink, drink, that’s the motto. Not just throughout the day, but also before lunch. Because if you drink two glasses of water before you eat, you reduce your feeling of hunger and fill up faster. Over time, this also has a positive effect on weight.

5. Eat at work

Sometimes the desk is so busy that we just can’t get around to taking a reasonable break. That’s why we have a quick snack in front of the computer. The incidental becomes a problem, however: the body does not even register that we have eaten anything and signals “hunger!” Much faster! It is better to take a break of at least 15 minutes, during which not only the stomach but also the mind can relax.

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