Attention Weight Loss Trap With this popular diet trick, you’ll actually gain weight!

Attention Weight Loss Trap With this popular diet trick, you'll actually gain weight!

There’s a lot of talk about the most sensible ways to get and stay slim. Some replace their meals with shakes, others simply do without red meat. But what of it is actually total nonsense? We clarify!

Rely on dietary supplements

It’s so wonderfully simple: swallow a tablet quickly or dissolve a powder in water and the vitamin kick in the body and the diet shake are ready. We all know that no artificial substitute can replace a healthy diet. Sure, shakes and the like are the means of choice for quick and short success. And used extremely sparingly, it is also not harmful. But the tumbled pounds are back after a few days at the latest – and bring their friends with them. If you want more than what you can fit into your dream dress the next day, you have to change your diet.

Eating helps against cravings for sweets!

No more cravings
These 10 foods dispel the sweet tooth

Always in the mood for sweets? These fillers and spices instantly dampen the desire for sugar.

Special sports drinks during the workout

Expensive special drinks with electrolytes are supposed to balance the fluid balance during sport and optimize the training effect. However, they add more calories to the body than would be consumed in a session at the gym. Not every workout is so intense that these specialty drinks are really necessary. The drinks are only interesting and really useful for marathon runners and co.

Eat only low-fat products

Of course, “low-fat” sounds good, healthy and perfect for any diet. But beware! A nasty weight loss trap lurks here, but you can expose it with a look at the nutritional value table. Because low-fat products have less fat, but much more sugar and artificial ingredients that are supposed to improve the taste. So it is better to enjoy half a portion of delicious 3.5 percent yoghurt than the low-fat, sweetened chemical alternative.

No more red meat

Regardless of which diet blog you search for recipes, chicken and fish are the ne plus ultra when it comes to healthy fats and proteins. And everyone agrees: stay away from red meat. The nutrition experts are no longer so sure whether red meat is really poison for us. At least with certified organic meat from farms that feed their – hopefully happy – animals exclusively with grass: the meat is absolutely harmless when consumed in moderation. As long as it is an unprocessed food and it is free of preservatives and additives of all kinds.

Skip a meal

The experts are arguing on this subject too. While some advocate intermittent fasting, it is clear to others: skipping a meal does not lead to weight loss success. This method lowers the energy level and leads to less healthy nutrients entering our body. It also promotes cravings and ensures that the next meal is bigger than planned.

Only count calories

Numbers don’t lie? In a way, yes, because two foods can have exactly the same calories and still differ massively in terms of nutritional value. Of course, calories are a wonderful guide and keeping an eye on them is essential for those who want to lose weight. But the ingredients of the individual foods are at least as important. Low in calories doesn’t necessarily mean it will make you slim or healthy.

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