Avolatte is the new internet sensation – would you prove it?

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Avolatte is the new internet sensation - would you prove it?
Australians have proven once again that they really enjoy taking coffee to a new level. After a barista created the hit coffee in ice cream cone, a cafeteria showed the world a peculiar invention: avolatte, a latte coffee served in the avocado peel.
In fact, it was all just a big joke, but Truman Cafe didn’t think the video would be so shared. The internet became very popular with the idea of ​​combining such different flavors in one drink.

In response to the success of the invention, they posted an illustration made by a fan with a message of thanks: “To all avolatte fans and people around the world who are playing and sharing their avolattes with us, we are following and loving everything ! ”.

Other people were inspired by the idea and registered their avolattes on Instagram. Take a look:

Are you a fan of avocado? And coffee? Would you risk taking a sip of avolatte? Comment here because I’m curious!
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