Ayurveda Diet How to lose weight easily and effectively? This is supposed to work with the Dosha Diet

Ayurveda Diet How to lose weight easily and effectively?  This is supposed to work with the Dosha Diet

Have you already tried everything? And still too many pounds on your hips? Maybe you can lose weight with the so-called Dosha diet. Its origin lies in the traditional and ancient Indian art of healing, Ayurveda, and is based on three life energies – the doshas.

Are you more of the Kapha, Pitta or Vata type? Never heard? These terms designate the three different life energies from which Indian Ayurveda is based. The traditional teaching has a holistic claim. As a connection between experience and philosophy, health and illness are traced back to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. Everything is interrelated, and diet plays a crucial role alongside yoga or massage and cleansing techniques.

Doshas – please what?

Doshas are nothing more and nothing less than the basic life energies that occur in every human being. Ideally, they should be in balance. If this harmony is missing, “mistakes” threaten. Your health is in danger!

Even if all doshas should be present in every human being, in most cases one or two of these life energies, or better still life principles, clearly predominate. And this is exactly what the diet is based on: If you know which doshas occur in which proportions, you can counteract the gaps by eating accordingly.

Vata: Air, wind and ether – is the principle of movement.

Pitta: Fire and water – is the metabolic or fire principle.

Kapha: Earth and water – denotes the structural principle.

Body and mind in harmony: Ayurveda

What exactly can Ayurveda do?

body and soul
What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a millennia-old art of healing, a holistic approach to a life in balance and natural well-being. Here are the most important facts you should know.

Type determination

Because Ayurveda assumes that the doshas are differently pronounced in each person, we are grouped into three different types based on certain characteristics.

Vata types are mainly slim, have small and rather elongated faces, their skin is delicate and, like the – partly curly – hair, tends to be dry. Vata people are active, lively and creative, but also difficult to predict.

Pitta types on the other hand are athletic, but they gain weight quickly. They have distinctive features and often moist and rosy skin, sometimes freckles. The hair is rather straight, possibly red. In terms of temperament, Pitta-Tyen are on the one hand analytical and ambitious, but on the other hand the determination is often paired with outbursts of anger when things don’t go according to their will.

Kapha types have a round and strong body, they also gain weight easily. Their features are rather soft, the skin pale with a tendency to blemishes. The hair is strong and shiny, the temperament restrained. Kapha types are considered to be calm and patient.

Holistic approach: relaxation with Ayurveda

Massage - Ayurveda massage: healing art from India

Ayurveda massage: healing art from India

The origin of the complex healing process of Ayurveda massage goes back thousands of years. This massage is still today an alternative form of therapy to alleviate various ailments and cure diseases. How exactly does the special massage work?

What does the Dosha Diet do?

According to Ayurveda principles, the aim is to ensure the harmony of the doshas. This is the only way to stay healthy and maintain our weight. Because: “If the three body energies are not in balance, control over weight is also lost. In most cases it is the kapha that disturbs the harmony. This then leads to the body becoming heavier in the truest sense of the word, ”explained Vanita Kansal in the online edition of the British magazine“ Natural Health ”. The Ayurveda specialist has been part of the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen team in Traben-Trarbach on the Middle Moselle since 2012.

No calories are counted in the Dosha diet. The holistic focus is on a healthy lifestyle including meditation and sports. The physical and mental balance should be restored – through detoxification, boosting the metabolism and ultimately through fat reduction.

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Healthy foods in the sense of the doshas

Depending on which Dosha type you are, certain foods are particularly suitable for you to balance your harmony and thus also to lose weight: For example, the Vata type should eat warm cereal and vegetable meals, enriched with the spices cinnamon and cardamom. Precisely because of its activity and bustle, however, there is a risk of stressful eating lurking here. So maybe combine it with some yoga for deep relaxation to relax.

Determined Pitta types are recommended carrots, potatoes, zucchini, bananas and peppers as balancing foods to counteract any irritation. Again, yoga is a good way to relax.

Kapha people are considered tolerant. They have a balancing effect on the environment, but the metabolism is usually somewhat reduced. Here it is advised to season the food with chilli, ginger and garlic. Rice waffles can help against the insurmountable hunger in between. Endurance sports or Pilates are recommended for exercise.

Combine alternative medicine with relaxation technique

Yoga and Ayurveda have one thing in common.

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What does yoga have to do with Ayurveda?

When it comes to wellness and health, the two topics yoga and Ayurveda often come up. But what do these two practices have in common – or are they even related?

General rules for a Dosha diet

Stay away from raw fruits and vegetables! According to Ayurvedic rules, they are considered difficult to digest. The food should preferably be light, warm and dry. So rather not a fresh salad, but steamed vegetables. Also prefer to enjoy the drinks warm – and not from the refrigerator. Hot herbal teas are considered very healthy, but not directly with meals – drinking too much with meals can disturb digestion.

Basically, you should eat smaller meals and not eat too late in the evening. Also be careful with particularly sweet, sour or salty foods and – as is so often the case with Asian dietary rules – dairy products. On the other hand, you can use spices and honey without regrets, as can chicken and turkey meat.

What does the Dosha Diet do?

A Dosha diet is healthy and suitable for everyone. However, it is probably not an option for quick weight loss in view of the beach figure. The diet has a lot to do with a general attitude to life and can be particularly effective if you live according to Ayurvedic rules.

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