Ayurveda documentaries to learn about this ancient practice

Ayurveda documentaries to learn about this ancient practice

One of the most Fun to learn about something new or that we’re curious about is through documentaries. We have already talked here about gastronomy documentaries, series about fashion, about the movie – wonderful – On Yoga and now it’s time to list about 3 documentaries about Ayurveda that show, explain and tell us about how this ancient practice works. Everyone, even though they may seem to be among themselves, has its peculiarities. One of them is Brazilian (the first on the list), another is almost a biography (the second) and the third is one of older and really documentary on the subject – it is much bigger and allows us to reflect on the subject from a new point of view. And there’s a bonus too! Come on?


One of the most recent documentaries on the subject is the so-called Ayurveda: the possible cure, produced by Brazilians and by Ayurvedic therapist Margarete Mota. The film has only 30 minutes and is able to show, albeit quickly, what ayurveda is and how it is able to heal and bring quality of life.

ayurveda documentaries

Photo: Ayurveda Possible Cure

The idea came from Margarete’s experience as a therapist and is an attempt to decreasesee adistance between who wants to know about the subject and have information about. The documentary filmmaker relates the theme to natural medicine practiced by people from Brazil and Latin America.

  • It is worth watching the Instagram of the director @ margaretemota.ayurveda who eventually discloses some screening of the film. The trailer is available on YouTube, click here.


This documentary is about the history of Vasant Lad, the Indian doctor who brought Ayurveda techniques to the West. It all happened in 1970, in the United States, when the doctor and also a professor started his practices. The film tells about his difficulties and how he faced a lot of prejudice on this side of the world.

Ayurveda documentaries to learn about this ancient practice

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Something very beautiful that can be seen in this film is how this doctor, with a lot of experience and age, still treats his profession with care and always putting himself as a apprentice. And yet, despite being living in the USA, his connection with India and constant reconnection is remarkable.

  • You can watch it on NOW.


This is the oldest documentary on that list, made in 2001, so the image quality is not the strength of this production. However, it is one of the best to really keep up with healing journey in Ayurvedic patients. The film takes a journey between India, Greece and the United States.

ayurveda documentaries

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As in other documentaries, this one fulfills the role of taking us to another reality and making us see another way of life. The highlight is to understand the relationship between people and nature. Pan Nalin it is who created this work and that serves very well to understand and know Ayurveda in practice.


Finally, a documentary series by Michael Pollan. Okay, it’s not exactly about Ayurveda medicine like the others, but it deals with the impacts of fast foods on our health and the impacts on an Indian family – yes, in the same place as the other documentaries!

ayurveda documentaries

Cooked, as proposed by Ayurveda, features 4 episodes and each of them deals with one of the elements related to food: fire, earth, water and air. The series shows the revolution that is cooking at home and that dramatically changes our relationship with food. It may not be directly linked to Ayurveda practices, but it has a lot to do with health and food.


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