Ayurveda food: which foods for each dosha?

Ayurveda food: which foods for each dosha?

There are three expressions of “personalities” within Ayurveda (to find out more, click here) that were established from the formation of our body and through the elements, which are called Doshas: Vata, space and air; Pitta, fire and water; and Kapha, land and water. We are all formed by a union of these elements, but each one acts in our body in different quantities and forms. That is, we can be one more and less the other, but never one. And all of this influences the ayurveda feed.

Ayurveda food: which foods for each dosha?

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Doshas have great influence on various aspects of our routine and way of living. One of the most important is the food, which can be balanced according to each one of us. When there is a greater consumption of foods that are not in balance with the needs of our body, energy and soul, everything can become unbalanced, that’s why it is so important to pay attention. So what are the types of food for each dosha?


THE dosha vata it is the main one, after all, it is represented by the air, element in greater quantity in the planet Earth. The air has as main characteristics the speed and volatility, therefore, if unbalanced it can affect the nervous system, breathing, anxiety, trapped intestines, gases and other aspects.

For ayurveda feeding, sfoods that are not indicated oily, hot, creamy and cooked. Raw, dry and cold should be avoided. It is also important to think about avoiding foods that perform gaseous production or hold the intestine further, which is already a trend.

Ayurveda food: which foods for each dosha?


THE dosha pitta it is formed by fire and very much represented by heat, which heats, illuminates and digests. Therefore, when this dosha is unbalanced it causes irritability, impatience and more violent behavior. Gastric and cardiovascular problems are also some of the symptoms.

As it is already a hot body, it gets along very well with food raw and fresh, prioritizing bitter and astringent flavors. Hot, spicy, acidic and very salty / seasoned foods should be avoided.

Ayurveda food: which foods for each dosha?


And lastly, we have the dosha kapha, which is connected to water and land. It is what most represents materiality and physical structure. When unbalanced they lead to behaviors related to laziness, tiredness, material attachment and others.

As it is represented by water and land, it has a slower metabolism, so it is necessary to pay attention to more light, any less greasy and little sweets.

Ayurveda food: which foods for each dosha?


When we talk about food, we are talking about Cheers, so it is important to emphasize that the indications in relation to the food of each dosha they are just an overview of which they can be most used or avoided within ayurveda feed. Not serving as a diet, much less replacing a doctor’s appointment. Always remember: self-knowledge is everything. Realize the foods that are good or bad for you, pay attention to your body, mind and spirit and put them more or less in your routine. If necessary, look for a specialist, after all, this is just a basic content!

And if you liked the complete list of foods for each dosha, we provide a PDF for you to download and print ?



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