Bacio di Latte – Sao Paulo

I had never heard of Bacio di Latte, until two months ago when a friend of mine from Curitiba asked if I had already been there and what she had met when she was in São Paulo and what had been the best ice cream she had ever had . So I asked where this ice cream shop was and she told me it was on Rua Oscar Freire. And I thought… wow, how can I not know this place if I walk around so much?
I went to research, that’s when I realized that Bacio di Latte is almost at the end of Oscar Freire, where when you’re walking there, you end up not going because it’s right after Hotel Emiliano. Anyway, one day passing by, I decided to go for an ice cream there after lunch… and it’s not that I had a real surprise… their ice cream is just wonderful, really a kiss of milk ? Even for me who lived in Firenze and who I ate Italian ice cream almost every day, I was surprised !!
Bacio di Latte, certainly follows all the fundamentals of the best Italian ice creams and manufactures them with the best possible ingredients !!! I took the dulce de leche and the yogurt with amarena and LOVED it !! If you want to enjoy a little more of this ice cream shop that I love, it’s worth the tip: when you get to the counter to order, if you have an attendant and an attendant ask the girl to put your ice cream, they always put a little more, the boy who works there is a bad habit of putting a little ice cream, so #ficaadica ? I COULD KILL FOR BACIO DI LATTE and I’m glad they opened their first ice cream shop here in Brazil, so I can enjoy more, and you, too?
Bacio di Latte is located at Rua Oscar Freire, 136.
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