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I promised myself that I wouldn’t write this post until I got back to Bacio again to try more of their products. Damn it. I started the year with a broken promise but I know it will be worth it, since I need to share with you the experience of what it feels like to feel the icy creaminess of this gelato in your mouth (did you feel the sound there?) On a hot summer night.
First, an important thing. “Gelato is not ice cream and ice cream is not gelato”, say lovers of this art of creating one of the best gastronomic delights. According to Bacio, the justification is simple: “Gelato is much better”. There are controversies, I know, but between us, you can feel the difference in your eyes when you see the harmonious turns that the dough makes in the pot. And then, it has the flavor. It is as if the fruit, or oilseeds (pistachio <3 <3 <3, for example), or even chocolate, were made for the mixture that will turn into happiness in the form of candy.
bacio curitiba ickfd
I heard about Bacio in a French class, while we talked with the teacher about the best ice cream / gelato / popsicles in Curitiba. My colleague replied without hesitation: “Bacio! When I tasted it, I felt the same flavor as when I was in Italy and it’s amazing. You need to try it. ” I wrote it down on my mental-list-of-places-to-go and continued watching the class. A month later, I went with my parents to my brothers’ music audition (Gabi [17] plays the piano and Ike [14], guitar), and as the event was a success, we decided to celebrate. After some pizzas that don’t even need comments – for pizza you already understand that the thing was good -, we left for dessert. The night was very pleasant, we went to the Praça de Espanha for ice cream and phew… We fulfilled the mission.
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In a period of almost 1 hour, we entered three stores specialized in the subject and, when we finished, I thought I had an overdose of ice cream / gelato / popsicle. Oh really. So, I’m just going to talk about Bacio. What a beautiful place! Starting with the menu, all designed in an irresistibly cute way and with the most beautiful frozen sweets I have ever seen. Their gelatiere conductor is to be congratulated. These pies full of fruits and chocolates are so delicate that it makes you feel sorry for eating. Seconds later it passes, don’t worry, and then you go to the feeling “Oh gosh, which one do I choose now?”.
pottery ice cream curitiba ickfd5bacio curitiba ickfd4 ice creampottery ice cream curitiba ickfd6
They say that in Italy it is common to enjoy a gelato while walking the streets, and it is almost tradition to give special people one or even serve it as a dessert at dinners. I didn’t do any of that (well, I was presented with one by my parents, so it’s ok), but I’m sure that next time, the walk part will be done.
My gelato (one with white chocolate and one with truffles and liqueur) was very good, although the liqueur was a little too strong. Anyway, it is also worth trying the Tartufino, which is a crispy chocolate truffle with a special topping and filling with two flavors of gelato. And, of course, everything else you can get! I haven’t been to Italy yet, but I can say that I’ve already had a classic gelato. It’s delicious.
To redeem myself for the broken promise, I will share with you my goal in 2014: try each item on the menu. Difficult, right?
bacio ice cream curitiba ickfd3
A potty for you and see you next time!

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