Backpacks for inspiration

Backpacks for inspiration


Photo 1 – Oracle Fox / Photo 2 – Free People / Photo 3 – Refinery 29

Nothing better than taking a good old backpack to travel, right? Ok, it doesn’t have to be old, but good for sure! The coolest thing is that you can combine it with a very alternative or very little girl look. If you have a sportier footprint, there is no better accessory!
Backpacks are great for a longer walk, because you can put on a lot more – including a warmer fabric if it gets cold at dusk. There are several models and I separated the ones I like best for you to be inspired!



Photo 1 – Brunnet Salad / Photo 2 – Herschel Supply / Photo 3 – Tier Deposit

The white backpacks, from the most sporting (photo 1) to the thinnest (photo 2 and 3), are great for adding freshness to the look. As it is a great accessory, the light handles make the look lighter and yet super practical. I’m a fan of the models with buckles, I think the backpack comes to life with them – in addition to being safer than just the zippers.



Photo 1 – Diário Chic / Photo 2 – Free People / Photo 3 – The Freedom State

The colorful backpacks, full of applications and fringes are incredible. Just complement it with a more basic and loose look that will look great! You can even try to customize a simpler model and leave it full of personality.



Photo 1 – Remains Simple / Photo 2 – Avenida 32 / Photo 3 – Compressed blog

Thinner, unprinted models can even go to the desktop! They are great for taking the laptop, for example. In addition, the leather models make the look more sophisticated!



Photo 1 – Who’s Wearing / Photo 2 – Tory Burch / Photo 3 – Vogue

The striped backpacks are great for composing more casual looks! The mix of prints is also amazing, since the stripes have already become true classics. I think this model is great to take to a show or festival – it fits everything you need.



Photo 1 – List of Styles / Photo 2 – Marc Jacobs / Photo 3 – The Sport of Fashion

I think the plain and colorful backpacks are amazing! With a neutral look they steal attention and will not go unnoticed. I think the vibrant colors are even cooler, as they give life to the whole look.



Photo 1 – Day Dream Closet / Photo 2 -Loeffler Randall / Photo 3 – Miss KL

I think you already realized that backpacks are much more than accessories for the gym. The metallic and plastic models are totally different from the traditional, leaving the look much more modern and unusual!



Photo 1 – Remains Simple / Photo 2 – Patricia Nash / Photo 3 – Feedly

Going back to the origins, the models in “raw leather” – or similar fabrics in brown color – are great for a more stripped and alternative look. They look amazing with denim bibs and basic dresses. As the color is neutral it is super easy to combine!



Photo 1 – Tory Burch / Photo 2 – Herschel supply / Photo 3 – Phillip Lim

Different prints and fabrics always caught my attention! The first model, by Tory Burch, is big and I think the color mix was incredible – even neutral, the colors make the accessory more cheerful.
The thin one, from Herschel, is beautiful! I’m suspicious to speak, because I love the brand. The backpacks are very resistant and the models are amazing! The fruit print makes the piece even more fluffy!
Finally, the Phillip Lim brand backpack is one of my favorites! The color is super neutral, but the design is very sophisticated – it even looks like a bag. huh? The silver buckle and the zipper fastening are details that make all the difference! This piece definitely made my wish list!
Ready to use your backpack in a new way?

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