Bags to use this summer

Bags to use this summer

If you have an accessory that every woman loves, it’s the bags. In addition to being beautiful and super useful, they are the perfect complements to our look.
I walk in a more minimalist stage and the small models are making up my mind. I separated 4 models that are sure to be in my summer looks!



Photo 1 – Pop Sugar / Photo 2 – Everyone hates us / Photo 3 – Vogue Spain

The rounded border and leather are perfect for a more behaved look. Whether for an event or day to day, you can vary the colors and closures. Fringes, for example, are great options for a more casual look. Gold with chain strap is more sophisticated and you can wear it at night.



Photo 1 – The Londoner / Photo 2 – Pop Sugar / Photo 3 – The Zoe Report

Speaking of bangs, they remain on the rise. Now forget that “bag bag” model with fringes and invest in suede clutches and more discreet models. They look great as a more tidy look, because they create a nice and more stripped contrast.



Photo 1 – Ali Express / Photo 2 – Marc Jacobs / Photo 3 – Wendy’s Lookbook

I love the structured models and the square ones are cute! I love the smaller and more colorful models, because they brighten the look and do not weigh in the final composition. In addition to being very feminine, this model is super clean.



Photo 1 – Career Diary / Photo 2 – Gabriel Robert Flores / Photo 3 – Pinterest

I already said how much I love backpacks here on the blog. You know that the sports trend still comes with everything and nothing better than a nice pair of sneakers and, of course, a very beautiful backpack! Invest in the most elegant models, in leather and neutral colors. They will definitely be part of several looks from this season!
Do you already have your favorite model?

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