Baked – NY

Baked - NY

Today I’m taking you to Brooklyn with me. A delightful neighborhood here in NY, very close to Manhattan, it is a stronghold of artists and freelancers, mostly young intellectuals with a very hipster feel. Packed with small shops by local designers, it is also full of cool places to eat and drink well.
On this day, I left home early with the mission to get to know BAKED – a Bakery that has given the media some talk, due to the countless cookbooks (mostly about the world of sugar-based treats) that the founders have launched on the market from time to time.
Well, I don’t know if I start by talking first about my experience itself, or about what I discovered by “digging” on their website. Well, let’s start at the beginning: the brand was founded by two friends that life took charge of, Matt and Renato. With a common dream and a lot of desire to make it happen, ignoring the lack of money and other obstacles that appeared along the way, in 2005 they opened Baked. This was the birth of a very cool and full of potential brand that fortunately won due recognition and is now part of the exclusive world of culinary celebrities.
baked6 Self-nominating“ dessert archeologists ”, They went deeper and researched everything and a little more on the subject. In this way, they rescue traditional American recipes and with a twist, make a reinterpretation that is appreciated by anyone who passes by.
Located in Red Hook, Baked is in a very quiet area and a little far from Williansburg (the neighborhood where everything happens …) but without secrets, it is not difficult to get there.
Brown and orange colors prevail in everything. From decoration to packaging and book covers displayed for sale at the Bakery itself.
On the cold morning when I decided to go there, I realized that maybe because I was small or because I was already so well known, there was no place to sit. It was ten in the morning and all the tables were occupied. I stayed in the corner for a while, waiting to order, and even then it didn’t work = /. Here in NY it is very common for freelancers to spend the day (yes, the day) sitting in places like this, which offer free internet access. And my observation told me that everyone sitting there belonged to this group … I ended up ordering my breakfast “to go”: an espresso with milk that we call latte coffee and a Granola Yogurt Parfait.

The coffee with milk was delicious just like a good barista can do! And while I savored it, I stood there, watching the movement. Luck that helps those who have patience, exactly when I had decided to leave and gave up the boring wait, a group sitting in the window (that’s right, in the window) decided to leave and I got better and I could taste the Parfait.
Yogurt Parfait is a delight (which I would not know to classify, given that in addition to dessert in French lands, it is very common to be enjoyed for breakfast in American lands) composed of layers of natural yogurt, fresh fruits such as the group of berries ( strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry) or peach and walnuts or, in the case of breakfast, granola.

baked1 Mine was divinely balanced: crunchy because of the granola with a very characteristic flavor of toasted walnuts, refreshing because of the frozen yogurt and balanced sweetly by the fresh berries typical of the time. if you really like it, you can take it home because it is sold there too.) Well, like almost everything you will find here, it is not the ideal choice for those on a diet. assurance.
The vibe of the place, from attendants to regulars going through the decor, is very cool, modern but with a bit of a vintage feel at the same time. The windows are mouth-watering: cakes, breads, muffins, pies, bars … I’m sure they will satisfy all tastes. The bars are like homemade candies, you know those delicious Charge, Chokito and similar chocolates? Or cookies like Oreo?
So, here is a super famous cookie made by girl’s scouts known as Samoa and what was my happiness to see that they have their own version? It’s called Caramel Coconut Cluster Bar. The base is Shortbread (a cookie made basically of sugar, butter and flour with a brittle texture and very crunchy) bathed in dark chocolate; the filling is a very thick layer of butter caramel (butter caramel) and the topping is made of burnt coconut flakes, just like the Samoa cookie from the Girl Scouts.
baked5 Well, I thought I could stay just a little bit to try and tell you about my experience, but I couldn’t … When I realized it, I was on the last bite. In fact, I went to heaven and came back. Priceless.
Besides, I ended my visit with a big smile on my face and thinking about going back pretty soon. In short, I was very well attended and the cool thing about Baked is that they have a constant production that happens through a showcase open to the public. Very nice to see them with their hands in the dough, producing so many delights.
baked2 They are open every day from week, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm For more information, stop by at

And please, don’t forget to try Samoa Bar. Worth the trip there =]despite the wait…

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