Bakeries in Europe you need to know

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As much as many people associate those beautiful display cases with decorated sweets to Paris, there are many other places in Europe that also have their typical sweets arranged in a beautiful way throughout their bakeries. In fact, confectionery is certainly one of the strengths of the old continent: from the custard tarts in Lisbon to the Sachertorte in Vienna, there is much to be explored. So, let’s go to the crème de la crème in bakeries in Europe!
Du Pain et Des Idées in Paris
As difficult as it is to choose one of so many options for boulangeries in Paris, Du Pain et Des Idées is a great representative for the French capital for having one of the best croissants in the city!
croissant-du-pain-et-des-idees-bakeries-europe-ickfd-thewallstreetjournalSource: The Wall Street Journal
Pasticceria Marchesi in Milan
Created in 1824, Pasticceria Marchesi is a good choice for those who are not without good chocolates and other handmade products. Their brioches are simply delicious!
Pasticceria_Marchesi_foto_Agostino_Osio-bakarias-europa-ickfdSource: Agostino Osio / Klat Magazine
Pastéis de Belém, in Lisbon
Whoever plans a trip to Lisbon, should already know that spending in the traditional pastry shop of Pastéis de Belém is an indispensable item of any itinerary. Pastéis de nata are the most characteristic sweets of Portuguese cuisine and can be found in various places around the world, but nothing like tasting the original recipe in the confectionery that is famous for producing these delicacies…
street-food-sweets-europe-pastel-nata-ickfdSource: All Recipes
Demel in Vienna
If Vienna is famous for its elegant cafes, Demel is an address more than recommended for those looking for sweets. You can find many wonders of the local confectionery there! Chocolate pies are one of its highlights. If you’re traveling to Vienna in the winter, don’t miss the chance to have the best hot chocolate in town on Demel!
demel-bakery-europe-jetsetroam-ickfdSource: Jet Set Roam
Konditori La Glace in Copenhagen
Conditori La Glace is said to be the oldest bakery in Copenhagen. So you can imagine that they keep each recipe as a work of art to symbolize that whole tradition. The highlight here is the pies!
konditori-de-la-glace-lifehacklane-bakeries-europe-ickfdSource: Lifehacklane
Conditorei Schober, in Zurich
Very popular little place in Zurich, Conditorei Schober is a mixture of coffee and bakery. In cold weather, there’s nothing like stopping there for some sweets and hot chocolate …
conditorei-zurich-bakery-europe-ickfdSource: Eat, Explore, Enjoy
Café Savoy in Prague
Prague is full of cafes where people hide from the cold. If you want to do that too, nothing better than to go to Café Savoy and taste the pie that bears the name of the house!
St John Donuts in London
Like a gigantic metropolis, London has a huge number of bakeries everywhere. St. Johns Donuts is a great alternative for anyone looking for sweets. It is worth knowing for its donuts of the most varied flavors!
st-johns-bakery-donuts-threeteaspoons-bakeries-europe-ickfdSource: Three Teaspoons

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