Bakso: Street Food in Bali

Bakso: Street Food in Bali

If there’s one thing I love to do when I’m traveling, it’s to try typical dishes and explore the local cuisine. And in Bali it couldn’t be different! One of the classics we tried there is the meat-ball, a very curious Asian “soup”. Let’s know this dish?


Eating in Bali is sooo cheap. It is even a joy to make the conversion to know how much you are spending. Bakso, for example, is street food. That is, a lower value is expected. But we didn’t think it was that low.
The one we ate cost IDR 10,000 (less than a dollar doing the conversion). Have you ever imagined enjoying a soup for about 4 reais?
Bakso: Street Food in Bali


Okay, Dani. But what is this dish made of? Come on! The ingredients depend a lot on the type of bakso, but what we ordered came with egg and rice noodles, vermicelli, chive, chili, dumpling / meatballs is play dough very tasty, all of it immersed in hot water. Just stir the flavors together.
It is important to know that bakso’s translation is meatball – so they are the star of the meal. I ended up proving I know it was meat, but what happens? ‍♀ Other very common variations are pork, fish or chicken, always mixed with salt and flour.


As the version we tried had chilli, we found it VERY spicy. It’s so spicy that my nose was running, I swear! Other than that, the flavors are very pleasant, especially considering the cost-benefit ratio. I confess that the appearance is not the most appetizing, but it is worth a try.
Bakso: Street Food in Bali

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