Banana types: how to identify and use each variety

Banana types: how to identify and use each variety

First of all, did you know that there are almost MIL banana types? Since some very small even other giants. Another curiosity is that Brazilians consume this fruit a lot, about 27 kg per day, 16 kilos more than the rest of the world. And maybe that’s why you got here, isn’t it?
And lucky for us to be a big consumer of this fruitafter all, they are very energetic, has few fat and are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C and other minerals. And who never heard “eat a banana!”When he felt cramp? Anyway, in this post you will get to know the most common types of bananas, how to identify them and use them in the best way. Enjoy!
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Silver banana

THE silver banana it is one of the most consumed in Brazil and is perfect for when we cannot go to the supermarket a lot, as is happening during a quarantine. Its consistency is a little firmer, takes longer to mature and lasts longer after it is ripe too. It is great to eat fresh, but it can also be used for some sweets or for frying.

banana types

Photo: Giorgio Trovato in Unsplash

To identify, these are elongated, curved and often have a more prominent pout. Regarding calories, it has around 90 per 100 grams.

Banana nanica

Shot with the silver banana, the dwarf is one of the most popular of the banana types among Brazilians. This variety is a little sweeter and has a more succulent consistency, which helps in substituting the egg for recipes for vegan sweets and other desserts. Vitamins and juices also taste great with the ingredient ?

Banana types: how to identify and use each variety

Photo: Elena Koycheva in Unsplash

THE dwarf, as much as one thinks otherwise, it is quite large and gets its name because of the banana tree which is very small. To identify, it is usually a little bigger and the pout is more united with the rest of the fruit. In terms of calories it is very similar to the silver banana.


This variety called plantain it is not as consumed as other types of bananas, but it is super used in savory recipes, after all they have up to 25% starch. What happens is that its texture is harder and the taste a little indigestible in natura, therefore, the best way to consume the ingredient is after cooking or frying.

banana types

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And to identify, these are quite large with more greenish color. Thus, it also has higher amounts of vitamins A and C and has more calories (122 per 100 grams).

Banana Apple

Do you prefer sweeter fruits? This variety is for you. Some say it tastes like apple, others say that the name is due to the pinkish color of the pulp, but what matters is that they are great for babies and the elderly, as they are easier to digest. THE banana Apple it is great to be consumed fresh.

Banana types: how to identify and use each variety

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To identify, this type of banana is smaller than the others mentioned. The bark is a little thinner than the others and the texture a little softer too. Some details to be careful, is that it has more calories than the nanica and silver (100 every 100 grams) and holds the intestine more.

Gold Banana

Remember when we talked about some bananas that are very small? This is one of them. THE gold banana it is a variation of the cutest that exists, it has less than 10 cm, sweet flavor and perfume. It is mostly found on the southeastern and southern coast and great for eating fresh as well.

banana types

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However, despite being so small, it has the most calories of all, 158 per 100 grams. He wants a tip: it is delicious breaded!

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