Bangs growing? See 5 ways to use it

Bangs growing?  See 5 ways to use it

I think everyone here has noticed that I’m growing my bangs, right? That moment gives me a crazy urge to cut again, because the hair in the eye is something that bothers you very, very much!
Since I’m going through this moment, I decided to show you 5 hairstyles for you to be inspired in this phase. If you have a long bangs you can also try some of them. Want to see?



Photo – Best Inspired

I really liked this idea! We are used to seeing the most basic braids to hold the bangs, but this fish bone is incredible! As is not usual, the look is very modern, great for those with thin hair like me. I’m already dying to try!



Picture – Cosmopolitan

If your bangs are longer, at eye level, how about investing in a vintage look? Pin the hair back in plenty of volume; if you want you can use a little of the side of the hair to make the production even more voluminous, as in the photo. At length bet on well defined waves and make a good make.

Side Braid


Photo – PoPular haircuts

Make a normal braid on the bangs and pull it back. I think it’s amazing to finish the hairstyle with a more glamorous clip for an event! This can be your look for Christmas: simple, fast and very charming.

Very modern


Photo – The right hairstyles

Again the braid, but nothing basic. This hairstyle requires more work and I advise you to show it to your hairdresser. It’s a braid made with the side of the hair and that’s why it’s more complicated. The volume also makes the look more modern!

For everyday life


Photo – Ink on Hair

For the routine look, nothing is easier than a little play to the side. If it helps, use some texturizer to fix it better – but no exaggeration in products, okay?

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