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If one day you are going to discuss Italian wines with someone, surely the name “Barbaresco” will appear! It is a region of Italy, part of the province of Piemont, and they are made with grapes Nebbiolo, of great importance in Italy… Wines are also made from this grape Barolo, which also have great prestige around the world. But make no mistake: these two wines are absolutely different, the Barbaresco being a little more delicate and more elegant, but both are wonderful !!!

barbaresco carol araujo ickfd1photos by Fernanda Flaiban

Nebbiolo’s name originated from the word “nebbia”, or “fog”, because at the time of its harvest, its bark is covered by a layer of “pollination”, A compound of several substances, which gives the bunch a gray appearance. There is also a relationship of the name with the climate of the Piedmont region in the autumn, quite cloudy and gray.

Like the cabernet sauvignon grape, Nebbiolo has high levels of tannins (responsible for the one tied on the sides of the tongue when we drink red wines …), which provides wines of greater guard and can be kept for up to 100 years !!! In fact, when they are very young, they are called “difficult wines”, because their acids and tannins are very strong and firm. However, after 5 or 8 years of aging, there is a marked transformation in its aromas and tastes, and like magic the wine becomes indescribably perfect! LOVE! lol. Its aromas of spices and ripe fruit, mainly plum and cherry, with a light touch of leather, remain firm and faithful in their acidity and tannins. However, the balance appears in an elegant and very pleasant way to be harmonized with dishes of marked taste, and are hardly just sipped.

barbarco carol araujo ickfd2

It is advisable to harmonize with full-bodied and rich dishes such as mature / ripened cheeses, meat ragouts, game meats, or meats with a striking flavor, such as the lamb in coriander crust in the photo, which were once again given by dear Fer Flaiban ( she’s been drinking more wine than me, see ?! hahaha), and the post about the restaurant she tasted these wonders was published here, check it out!

barbarco carol araujo ickfd3

It is said that one of the best crops in Barbaresco was that of 2003 due to the high temperatures of that year. Consequently, wines from this vintage have the highest prices as well. Their prices range from R $ 190.00 to more than R $ 1000.00. Yes, it is a heavy investment, but an unforgettable experience! Remember to pay attention to the label of the bottles, because not every Nebbiolo is a Barbaresco, this nomenclature is of controlled origin (like the name of the champagne, you know ?!) and only 100% Nebbiolo wines produced in this can be called Barbaresco. Piemont region, ok?


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