Base Glow vs Matte: which is the most perfect for you?
Base glow vs matte which is the most perfect for

Base Glow vs Matte: which is the most perfect for you?

For a long time the preferred makeup has always been those with a matte effect, more opaque, with greater coverage as well. But, it’s been a while since make GLOW is very successful. After all, it brings a more natural effect, with more shine and – in my opinion – a lot of glamor. In this post I will talk about choosing the matte and glow base! Stay tuned for tips ?
Base Glow vs Matte
In 99% of the makeups that I use the products with glow effect, I don’t feel the need for so much coverage and I LOVE the healthy aspect that the shine brings to the skin. Of course, it’s all about taste and even the occasion you’re going to use, okay?
Now let’s go to the negative and positive points that I think of the matte vs glow effect:

Matte Base

The Matte Base has greater coverage and lasts longer throughout the day. As we live in a warmer country, many people like to use matte skin to prevent the skin from having too much shine due to perspiration. On the other hand, matte skin hides the natural aspects of the skin, spots and can also enhance expression marks – that plastering effect: /

Base Glow vs Matte

Photo: Department of Art and Marsghuj

  • I tested the Urban Decay Stay Naked Base, which I bought just to do the test (there is a video here), because I always use Glow.
  • Ah, the Matte finish combines more with cold days and more formal environments.

Base Brightness

The glow skin – you already know it is my favorite – brings a lot of shine to the skin, in a good way. The glow also guarantees a healthier and more natural appearance for the skin, showing some spots and spots. But yes, the glow base does not cover as much imperfections and dark circles as the matte base. For this, you can use a concealer.

Base Glow vs Matte

Photo: Paulo Cuenca and Hema

  • The Base that has been my favorite for almost two years is Synchro Skyn ​​Glow (video here), by Shiseido.
  • The tip is to use the glow base with other matte products, glow base + matte lipstick, for example. But it can be all glow too, haha.

Find yours!

And since the glow effect base is much more difficult to find here in Brazil, they are usually called natural, fluid, with moisturizer. So, I will list some that I found, and cheaper ones too:

1- Superfluid Natural Base by Who Said Berenice R $ 84.00
2 – Mary Kay Liquid Foundation Bright Finish R $ 64.00
3 –Essence healthy and shaped shine foundation R $ 35.90
4 – Tracta liquid moisturizer R $ 30.90

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