Basic Kitchen Utensils: How to assemble the Complete Layette!
Basic kitchen utensils how to assemble the complete layette

Basic Kitchen Utensils: How to assemble the Complete Layette!

Be it to prepare a delicious meal, receive the crowd at home or taste the delivery food – everyone needs to have basic kitchen utensils. So, so you don’t forget anything and assemble a complete kit with everything you need, we list those most essential items.
This way, it is easier to organize financially to buy everything! At these times, it is also worth asking for help from friends and family, isn’t it? Gifts for the home are always welcome, especially when we start living alone ?
basic kitchen utensils


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Starting with the basics: the pots! The essentials are long-handled pan, a pressure cooker, a pan with two handles (casserole), a good one frying pan and the classic dairy. Of course, in addition to these you can invest in an even more complete set, but these are the ones that cannot be missing.
Now you must be wondering what kind of
material that they should be. It depends on how much you want to invest and what type of stove. For the driving stove, for example, the pots must be cast iron. If you want to know what other material options are available for other types of stoves, just tighten here. Once you have made the purchase, stay tuned on how to care for and clean these pans! We separated some tips in this post maintenance of these parts.


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This is one of those obvious items, but they deserve to be remembered! After all, how to cook and eat without cutlery? Forks, knives and spoons – table and dessert – are mandatory utensils. The quantity of each one is up to you, but it is always good to have a little extra to receive other people at home.
Here we also have to mention other items that cannot be left out of your list:
multipurpose kitchen spoon, shell, wooden spoon, spatula and hard bread. Did you write everything down there?


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Kitchen often comes down to countless pots and refractories, and they are in fact basic utensils. Whether to store food, bake that delicious food or separate the ingredients for the mise en place, it is important to have a small collection of sleepers.
Invest in refractories with lids, those that are used for food storage and can go in the oven. To avoid the volume of these utensils, also buy some plastic pots – and keep the lids next to them all. Because, no one will want to lose covers and keep looking for the right combinations in the cabinets ?


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It may seem like an expendable item, but we couldn’t help but talk about the boards over here. They serve mainly to chop all the necessary ingredients, without leaving marks in the sink or on dishes that were not made to withstand the cutting of knives.
Of the
wood end up accumulating less bacteria over time, while that of plastic it takes up less space and can be changed more frequently because it is cheaper. The secret, in both cases, is to keep the board well sanitized!


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Blender, food mixer and processor are some of our greatest allies in the kitchen. In addition to helping with various simpler preparations, these are indispensable tools for making creams, cakes, pies, vitamins, juices, smoothies …
The processor, in this case, can even be considered a luxury, since the blender also fulfills its role. So, if you have to choose which appliances to invest in, bet on a good mixer and blender. So, if you have money left, don’t think twice before buying the processor!


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After talking about the basic kitchen utensils that involve more food preparation, it is time to list those who go to the table. Plates shallow and deep, cups big and small, saucer, cups and pots for dessert they are the most important dishes.
Depending on how much you plan to spend, it is interesting to choose dinnerware sets that reflect your style and personality. Colorful, neutral, with phrases, drawn, printed … There on the website
Oxford you find some incredible options!


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What is considered “basic” for the kitchen can vary a lot depending on how much you like to cook, and this is also true for confectioners! A while ago I recorded a video revealing the 10 essential confectionery utensils, including its variations.
As this is not our focus here, I will just leave the name of some who can not miss:
shapes, fouet, cake grid, bread roll, measuring spoons and cups, silicone spatula, piping nozzle… If you want even more tips, just read these two compiled: (1) and (2) ?


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Is it worth creating a category of items not so essential, but which are also basic? This group includes can opener, The funnel, a good grater, The juicer, food drainer it’s from crockery, dishcloths and, of course, the pot rests.
Even though they are not those accessories that we cannot live without, they facilitate routine in the kitchen and are almost always required. In other words: after buying all the other utensils, buy them little by little, since they are not so urgent.
Ready to assemble your
kitchen layette? These are the basic utensils that anyone needs, so save that list for shopping without forgetting anything ?

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