Basiquinho and Super Comfortable Look

Basiquinho and Super Comfortable Look

There are no two adjectives that better define my style in everyday life than basic and comfortable. Yeah, for a lot of people this is synonymous with a dull look, but for me it doesn’t get any better. Good skinny pants, loose knitting, sneakers and a shoulder bag are all I need to leave the house happy.
Basiquinho and Super Comfortable Look
Of course, each of these pieces has a detail that makes a difference, after all, without it the look would be really predictable. I’m going to start talking about this Vans sneaker that never leaves my feet. The slip on model (also known as yacht) is the most practical in life and the classic checkered print brings that charm to the production.
The pants, although basic black and tight, have the frayed hem and are a little shorter – I think it gives a modernized look. I don’t know if you noticed, but any skinny pants that I wear, I double that on the hem to show my ankle.
This trick is especially good when you have more closed shoes that don’t show your chest. In addition to lengthening the silhouette a little, this piece of exposed skin softens the look.
Basiquinho and Super Comfortable Look
Navy blue knitting, on the other hand, would be very simple if it didn’t have these red details on the collar, bar and cuffs. This combination of colors with a kind of footprint marine is one of my favorites! I took advantage of the tone on the sweater to use this stella McCartney bag – says if this vegan leather is not the most beautiful thing?
I hope the cool autumn-look look inspires your productions in the season ?
Knitting Ellus Second Floor
Pants | Adidas
Tennis | Vans
Purse | Stella McCartney


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