Be careful when eating food expert reveals which foods he would never eat
Be careful when eating food expert reveals which foods he

Be careful when eating food expert reveals which foods he would never eat

A balanced diet is important and, above all, means eating as varied as possible. But there are a few things that you should better avoid.

Not every supposedly healthy food is actually good for our body. Instead, there are some foods that are so likely to get food poisoning that experts would never eat them. You can even find them in our supermarkets poisonous foodsthat you should at least not eat raw. Bill Marler, lawyer for food safety, has now revealed on his website “Food Poison Journal” which foods he would never eat himself.

These foods can be unhealthy

Raw meat: Meat can contain salmonella or E. coli bacteria. The danger is particularly great with poultry, so you should always eat it well cooked. But other meat can also be contaminated. To make the beef steak nice and tender, many cooks scratch it or pierce it with a needle, thus transporting bacteria inside. Therefore, the food expert would always order his steak in the restaurant well-done.

Raw sprouts: Do you remember the EHEC epidemic that killed over 50 people in 2011? For a long time, cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes were suspected of having transmitted the dangerous intestinal germ. Eventually, the authorities stated that bean sprouts were the source of the evil. And in fact, raw or lightly cooked sprouts are repeatedly infected with pathogens. E.coli and salmonella can also be found on bean sprouts. However, you can eat the sprouts well cooked in an Asian vegetable pan.

Raw eggs: They can be found in desserts such as tiramisu or homemade mayonnaise and repeatedly paralyze entire party groups: raw eggs. These are often contaminated with salmonella. Therefore, the expert advises against eating or processing raw eggs. If you fry eggs, boil or add them to the cake batter, you should also pay attention to hygiene and wash your hands immediately.

Raw milk: Bacteria, viruses or even parasites can be found in raw milk. In the USA, according to nutrition experts, only 148 people contracted food poisoning from raw milk between 1998 and 2011. However, very few people consume these products, which makes the number seem equally higher.

Ready-to-use salad and raw food: A ready-made salad is super practical. Even when it has been cut into small pieces and washed, you only have to add dressing to it. And you can just nibble on the finished raw food. However, such products often contain germs. In 2013, Stiftung Warentest examined ready-to-eat salads and found that almost half of the products were too contaminated. Above all yeasts, which can lead to gastrointestinal complaints, were found. However, the testers did not find any listeria, salmonella or Ehec pathogens.

Raw oysters: There are plenty of microbes in seawater. Oysters are filter animals that ingest everything that swims around in the water. Thus, fungi, bacteria or viruses can also be found in raw oysters. So you’d better refrain from slurping raw oysters.

These foods are poisonous

Yes, you can even buy toxic foods in the supermarket as normal. But don’t worry, this is the only thing a matter of preparationwhether the food is well tolerated. Potatoes and aubergines, for example, contain the poison solanine. Therefore, both should only be eaten cooked. If potatoes have sprouted, it is better to dispose of the tuber. Beans also have to be cooked; in their raw state they contain phaseolins, which can cause severe stomach cramps and vomiting and, in severe cases, even seizures.


Healthy eating
Fat and unhealthy? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! These 4 foods are better than their reputation!

There are foods that we’d better avoid. But you shouldn’t argue these three foods from the menu, because they are healthier than you think!

In raw spinach, Swiss chard and rhubarb On the other hand, there is oxalic acid, which favors kidney stones and also binds minerals and calcium. Therefore, you should rarely eat these foods raw, if at all.

The danger from your own garden

One hears again and again from people who after eating zucchini vegetables severe symptoms of intoxication have or even die from it. The trigger is usually not bought zucchini from the supermarket, but home-grown vegetables from the garden. When hobby gardeners grow zucchini from their own seeds every year, the bitter substance cucurbitacin, which was actually bred from cucurbits, can form. Therefore, in these cases: Beware of home-grown vegetables! Pay particular attention to the taste: if the vegetables taste bitter, be sure to keep your hands off them! By the way, the same problem can occur with home-grown pumpkins and cucumbers.

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