Beach bag – or pool!

Beach bag - or pool!


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Going to the beach or want to enjoy a day at the pool this summer? Seeempre arises that doubt of what to take in the bag and not having to keep coming back to get more things. There are some indispensable products to enjoy the sunny day!



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I already talked here on the blog about how important it is to protect the skin, eyes, hair and even lips at this time of year. If you want to see some of the best protectors just click here. I also made a post about the best hair creams in the summer here.

  • Sunscreen – face and body;
  • Lip protector;
  • Hair cream with protection factor – If your hair is very thin it is also better to take a hat or cap for walking;
  • Sunglasses with safe lenses (protect against UVA and UVB rays).



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  • Canga – sometimes towel;
  • Hair elastic;
  • Water;
  • Keys;
  • Money;
  • Fruits.

If it fits!


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  • Book / Magazines;
  • Cellular – when the beach is emptier so as not to take risks
  • Camera – I know I want some more professional photo;
  • Wooden comb;
  • Thermal water!

This is my summer checklist! Here’s where to get some of these products:

  1. Ray-Ban Chris Velvet at Dafiti | R $ 400.00
  2. 3: AM Beach Towel at Farfetch | R $ 218.00
  3. Ricca Wood Comb at Drugstore Onofre | R $ 10.91
  4. Sub Beach Bag at Farfetch | R $ 150.00
  5. The Recipe for Happiness, Danielle Noce at Livraria Cultura | R $ 39.00

It’s past time to put together your perfect summer bag!

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