Beach in Paris: Le Jacquard Français and I went… to the Jardin du Luxembourg!

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A few days ago, you may have seen me, accompanied by my two acolytes. A pineapple buoy under the arm, a Le Jacquard Français towel in the other and the matching bag on the shoulder. We were heading towards the Jardin du Luxembourg, but what to do? Well, to go to the beach in Paris of course!

I can tell you that we did not go unnoticed in the metro. Although, as a passer-by pointed out to us, it almost seemed like it didn’t shock many people to see three people dressed in colorful clothes, sunglasses on their noses and looking totally relaxed with their big buoys, proclaiming go to the beach in Paris.

One thing is certain: we have aroused curiosity. The children were looking at our huge fruit-shaped floats with big eyes. A passenger in line 1 asked us if we often ride our buoys. Rue de l’Odéon, a man came out of his office to ask us if he could come and bathe with us. And a little further, in the direction of the Senate, a young woman showed us the direction to get to the beach.

After being stopped so many times between our offices and our shooting location, and seeing the smiles on people’s faces when we saw us, we knew we were on the right track. It is therefore with a confident step and proud of our stroke that we went to the park. My strawberry buoy around my waist, nothing seemed to be able to stop our desire to go to the beach in Paris. Except maybe a park security guard …

beach in paris the french jacquard jardin du luxembourg park flowers blue green sun bag clemaroundthecorner decor blog

Arrest for Le Jacquard Français towels too beautiful at the beach in Paris

beach in paris the french jacquard poses model mannequin clemaroundthecorner decor blog

After placing our buoys at the foot of the iconic Luxembourg chairs, we sat down to brainstorm. What poses were we going to be able to take? Difficult question for us, since posing as Gigi Hadid would do is not really part of our core business.

beach in paris the french jacquard yellow pineapple buoy fountain paris mannequin model clemaroundthecorner decor blog

Pineapple buoy (Amazon).

After coming up with several promising and a little crazy ideas (you are starting to know me), we saw a gentleman arrive from afar. And believe me, it was not a representative of a Parisian modeling agency coming to canvass us. He was one of the park security guards.

From the outset, we explained to him that we were not planning to swim in the pool opposite the Senate. Nor in any other for that matter. But that wasn’t his only worry. Without prior authorization (which takes around 1000 years to obtain), shooting in the Jardin du Luxembourg is prohibited. There followed panic, cries, tears and a security guard tied up with pink masking tape with a pretty watermelon pattern… No, of course we kept our cool: no question of giving up!

We said to ourselves that it was better to leave. After all, if we were arrested, they might have discovered our involvement in the Domus robbery. For fear of ending up in prison, we therefore set out to find a new place to take our photos.

Giant buoys, Le Jacquard Français bath towels with matching bags and voila!

beach in paris the french jacquard fountain paris jardin du luxembourg blue green bath towel matching bag clemaroundthecorner decor blog

After all, when you have such beautiful towels, cute matching bags, giant buoys and crazy ideas, doing a quirky shoot becomes almost easy. Leaving the Luxembourg Gardens, we found a nice spot for our shoot. A typical fountain (made from turtles that project water) and the sun, that was finally all we needed.

beach in paris the french jacquard pineapple buoy bag bath towel blue green turquoise fashion red floral jumpsuit fountain paris clemaroundthecorner blog deco

Amazonie Forest bath towel // Ananas buoy (Amazon) // Amazonie Forest bag.

It was a great fashion moment for ClemAroundTheCorner. We improvised stylists for a day. For the first series, we chose a flamboyant red outfit. It made it possible to sublimate the turquoise blue and green of Le Jacquard Français napkins. And she also highlighted her bag that matched the bath towel. The yellow pineapple-shaped buoy provided an even different touch of color.

beach in paris the french jacquard strawberry yellow dress blog deco clemaroundthecorner fountain bag paris

For the beach towel, as well as the matching orange bag, we opted for a 30’s style yellow dress with colored polka dots and a strawberry buoy. You will have understood, we took a little sunbath, a few splashes of water. And we made passers-by laugh. After answering a few questions, we even found ourselves presenting the new bath towels and the bags that go with them! And yes, ladies and gentlemen, they are reversible! This is indeed the whole point of jacquard weaving. Turn your towels on one side or the other, they remain sublime.

beach in paris the french jacquard strawberry buoy tan orange towel bag pink fountain paris sun clemaroundthecorner decor blog

Amazonie Tropical bag // Amazonie Tropical bath towel // Strawberry Buoy (Amazon).

At Clem Around The Corner, we didn’t wait for Paris Plage to dive into summer in Paris!

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