Beach outings

Beach outings

Summer has arrived, the beaches and pools are full and in addition to the bikini, nothing better than a beautiful and super comfortable beach outing!



Photo 1 – Decor and High Heels / Photo 2 – Curve Girl / Photo 3 – Kendi Everyday

The dresses are super practical and, depending on the model, can be used for many other occasions! Opt for pieces with wider shapes and very comfortable. The prints help to bring personality to the look.



Photo 1 – Ali Express / Photo 2 – Lily / Photo 3 – Euphoria de Estilo

I really like the printed shorts and soft fabrics, very fresh. In addition to forming cute compositions, the shorts can be used with croppeds, blouses or even just with a bikini. Jeans are those wildcards, they help save space in the suitcase because they can be used for the beach or for dining out.

Knitting and Crochet


Foto 1 – Fashion Bubbles / Foto 2 e 3 – Pinterest

Those who enjoy a very boho look and full of personality can bet on knitting and crochet. In addition to croppeds that are super hot, blouses and wider dresses are great and very stylish.



Photo 1 – Amazon / Photo 2 – Ju Romano / Photo 3 – Shop Style

A lot of people end up forgetting their pants on the beach, but I love these comfy and very sophisticated looks. Don’t give me excuses for the heat, because the fabrics are very light and cracks are very welcome.



Photo 1 – Gisella Francisca / Photo 2 – Girl with curves / Photo 3 – We Heart It

I love kimonos. After appearing on the streets of the city, it is only fair to see the piece taking the sand this summer. Comfortable and practical, the kimono is perhaps the most beloved piece this season!

Where to find?


  1. Salinas at Farfetch – R $ 219.00
  2. Oyster Brazil at OQVestir – 264.00
  3. Luck at OQVestir – R $ 318.00
  4. Brazilian Marini – R $ 315.00
  5. Market 33 at OQVestir – R $ 259.00

Do you already know which one will match your bikini?

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