Beatrice Egli curve criticism!

Beatrice Egli curve criticism!

Your weight is always an issue on the internet. Now Beatrice Egli takes an exclusive position on the kilo criticism in an interview with Marians Welt.

Sexy, confident and radiantly beautiful – This is Beatrice Egli (26). Since her win on the talent show “Germany seeks the superstar” the likeable blonde celebrates one success after another. Her hits like “On your marks, ready for happiness” are the hit at many parties – but Beatrice wants to also gain a foothold as a moderator. She doesn’t seem to be afraid of negative feedback. On the contrary! The 26-year-old is self-confident enough. The fact that her weight is always a topic of discussion on the internet also bounces off her.

Not in the mood for a permanent diet

In one bright red jumpsuit Beatrice is now in conversation with Marians Welt exclusive position on the kilo criticism and reveals what she really thinks about the comments regarding her weight.

Also what it in matters of love Beatrice shared with her so new. We show you the video above!

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