Beatrice Egli Size Zero can do it: “I don’t know any scales”

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She is one of the most successful DSDS winners of all time – and does not submit to the slimming dictates of the music business. Pop star Beatrice Egli reveals in the Marians Welt interview why she eats what she wants and never stands on the scales.

Stars like Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Helene Fischer show how it is done. In the music business, the figure (actually) has to be as perfect as possible. But pop singer Beatrice Egli (27) doesn’t care about size zero. “For me, the most important thing is to feel good. I don’t know any scales, the pointer always only points to comfort. I like fashion and of course I look at my appearance, but not my weight, because that’s a minor matter, ”she explains in an interview with Marians Welt.

While other young stars get nutrition plans straight away from their managers, she stands by her body, even if she adds a few extra pounds. “I always eat what I feel like eating and as much as I like,” Egli explains confidently.

From October she wants to train more

Similar to megastar Adele (27), she wants to be in top form above all for her life performance. “My stage automatically keeps me fit. However, when I go on tour again in October, I will have to intensify my training, because being on stage with my band for two hours is a physical challenge, and I will prepare for it, ”explains Egli.

She couldn’t be happier with her career. “My life has changed completely. I am allowed to live my dream and it is the best thing there is to be traveling, from one stage to the other, ”enthuses the trained hairdresser. Her fourth album “Kick im moment” will be released on Friday (April 8th) – O-Ton Egli: “modern, young and cheeky, simply Schlager in 2016”.

She is grateful to Dieter Bohlen

She worked intensively for one and a half years with her producer Joachim Wolf on it. “We have now selected the 17 best songs from over 300 songs that can be heard on the deluxe version of ‘Kick im moment’.” But the collaboration with Dieter Bohlen also has you remember well. “Dieter Bohlen is a great producer who has a nose for hits. I’ve learned a lot from him through the first two albums and I’m grateful that he was a part of my life, ”she says.

The emphasis is on “was” – their third album “Up to here and much further” made it to number three in the German album charts in 2014 even without Bohlen’s help. Respect! Here a young woman has finally swum free from her start as a DSDS star (she won the tenth season of the talent show in 2013), something that only very few musicians have achieved so far.

The power woman loves her curves!

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