Beautiful stairs for you to be inspired
Beautiful stairs for you to be inspired

Beautiful stairs for you to be inspired

The decor goes through every corner of the house. Of course, the stairs are not left out! You can do so much cool stuff that I decided to separate my favorites for you to be inspired at the time of retirement.



Photo 1 – BuzzFeed / Photo 2 – Camille Styles / Photo 3 – Simple Decoration

Do you want something simpler than writing, painting or placing contact or wall paper in the openings? The effect is amazing and you leave the stairs exactly as you like, giving a personalized touch!



Photo 1 – Catraca Livre / Photo 2 – Arquitetas Online / Photo 3 – Catraca Livre

The multifunctional stairs have been making the heads of many people! With increasingly smaller apartments and houses, you need to find space where you don’t have to. In addition to storing various objects, they give a super special touch to the environment!



Photo 1 – Decor Fácil / Photo 2 – Casa Magazine / Photo 3 – Rio Exclusive

Whoever makes the most clean and minimalist line is passionate about this type of stairs. They do not weigh in the decoration, but they manage to draw attention for the unique design. I’m in love with these models!



Photo 1 – Modernus / Photo 2 – Casa Magazine / Photo 3 – Casa e Jardim Magazine

Want to make the house more fun? Bet on strong colors, curved stairs and metal! They are super modern and bring much more joy to the home. Alright fun!
Do you already have your favorite?

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