Beauty corner: small and functional dressing tables

Beauty corner: small and functional dressing tables

The dressing tables are on Wishlist of most women, isn’t it? Of course, the item is not essential, but who doesn’t like to have a place to store products and take care of themselves from time to time?
If you have that desire, but do not even know where to start, know that today there are many options for small and super practical dressing tables. In addition to the correct furniture, knowing how to organize this corner makes all the difference, see?

The right furniture


Photo – House and Construction

In small environments, 2 in 1 pieces are always welcome. A desk style table with a drawer or cover is perfect for optimizing space. On a daily basis, the table can be used for study or work as normal, but its “hidden” compartments can accommodate products very well.
The photo model, with top, is a great alternative. The piece already has a built-in mirror and saves even more space ?

Acrylic organizers


Photos – Stylecaster and Fe Gongalves

For the products you use most on a daily basis, it is worth going after acrylic organizers. With these pieces it is much easier to find the products you want to use and even then everything is in its proper place. No bases and lipsticks around the table, right?



Photo – Kate Lavie

If you have few products, it is worth accommodating them on a tray. To organize yourself better, you can also separate everything into small jars. In the photo, for example, the brushes and accessories are in a reused candle packaging.

Mirrors and correct lighting


Photos – Homedecor and @casaorganizada

Of course, some items are indispensable in this corner. Mirrors are super important, so it is worth investing in a large model to see the make up in total. However, it is also cool to go after magnifying mirrors, as they make it easier to check the details and finish.
Lighting also makes all the difference in the makeup result. In addition to the central point, it is important to have side lights to avoid creating shadows on the face. The choice of the lamp interferes a lot – always look for the yellowish lights so that the effect of the make is more natural. Aah, don’t forget to place the dressing table near a window, after all, natural light is the best ally ?

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