Beauty Ideas to Play During the World Cup

Beauty Ideas to Play During the World Cup

The World Cup has started and it is inevitable to talk about thematic looks and makes for the occasion. Even if you are not passionate about football or follow the games, you will be able to use the tips in this post ? It is not because everyone is wearing the national team shirt that you need to buy just one to use at that time, right? Besides wasting money, nobody deserves to have a piece that is only used every 4 years cluttering the closet.
That’s exactly why I decided to make a post with beauty ideas, more specifically make up and nails, to bet on at that time – or any other time, of course. A touch of color always goes well and it is that delicate detail that makes the difference on these occasions!


For me, the easiest way to invest in the colors of the flag is in makeup, especially in pencils and eyeliner. That subtle streak above the lashes or below the waterline instantly looks up!
I confess that I prefer the make-up with just one tone, but of course you can make a gradient or a mix of incredible colors if you enjoy a more impactful look. The first photo, with two shades of blue, is a great inspiration!


Who has never bought a palette with a shade of vibrant blue or green that you can never use? The time has come! I’m not a fan of multicolored eye shadows on a daily basis, but I have to say that I felt like testing the first make up! These little dots of color in the inner and outer corners are delicate and easy to make, right?
For those who are going to amend the game with a party, you can go much further! Mixing blue or green with a darker smokey (brown or black) makes the makeup more discreet. Now, if the intention is to dare, how about investing in the glossy effect? Use a very vibrant eyeshadow, like the one in the last photo, and apply a layer of colorless gloss over it. I’m sure you won’t go unnoticed ?


Beauty Ideas to Play During the World Cup

Photos: Neo Fashionology Tumblr and Teen Vogue

This, for me, is the most difficult way to use unusual colors. Let’s agree that blue, green and yellow are not common lips tones, right? Still, it’s a different idea to surprise in a final (who knows?). The tightest blue lipsticks are, oddly enough, the easiest to find and use. A lighter make-up can work very well with that touch of color!


Instead of just painting your nails a shade, you can invest in nail art in a more discreet way than you might think. I’m not talking about flags or mixing colors, but how about a colorful francesinha? Or just a little colored dot on each nail? There is no shortage of cool and delicate ideas!
Ah, I enjoyed these most minimalist nails so much that I even made a post about it here on the site. Just change the colors and use all the ideas in the post as inspiration ?


Did you like the idea of ​​investing in a beauty product in this World Cup? I made a complete selection of what you need to ensure the look in the games and I guarantee that the products will not be stopped for 4 years!
Beauty Ideas to Play During the World Cup
1- MAC Chromaline (color – Primary Yellow) – R $ 105,00
2- Glitter (color – Emerald) from MAC – R $ 105,00
3- Colorama Creamy Enamel Vai Brasil Collection at Época Cosméticos – Blue, Green and Yellow – R $ 3.99 each
4- Bourjois Clubbing Eye Pencil (color – Neon Bleu) at The Beauty Box – R $ 42.90
5- Girls Rockin ‘Rebel from MAC at Sephora Shadow Palette – R $ 269.00
6- Natura Matte Faces Lipstick (color – Cyber ​​Blue) at Renner – R $ 16.90
7- Eyeshadow Bangin ‘Brilliant (color – New Crop) by MAC at Sephora – R $ 76,00
8- Chromographic Pencil (color – Primary Yellow) from MAC – R $ 76,00
9- MAC Eye Shadow X 9 Tropic Cool Times Nine – R $ 95,00
10- Chubby Stick Eyeshadow Eyeshadow (color – Massive Midnight) at The Beauty Box – R $ 89.00

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