Beauty Tips During Flight

Beauty Tips During Flight

Air travel requires extra skin care. Especially because it is not easy for our bodies to spend so many hours inside a closed space, with air conditioning always very cold and at a very high altitude.
Some of the consequences of the factors just mentioned are dry skin and lips, dehydration and even puffy eyes. To prevent this from happening, we made a selection with suggestions and special beauty tips to be followed during the flight ?

Hydrate your body before you travel

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One of the worst enemies of our skin is the dryness – even for those with oily skin. Those who do not take the necessary care can feel the body peeling and even some redness.
Therefore, do not hydration of body and face before you even get on the plane. If your skin is very oily, look for products that are oil free.
Aah, and along the way it’s worth using the famous leaf mask, You know? Let go of shame and protect your skin well!

Don’t wear makeup

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For those who don’t know, makeup has the power to close our pores. Consequently, our skin has difficulty in “breathing”. That is why it is so important to clean your face thoroughly after spending the day with makeup on.
With regard to air travel, the ideal is to go without makeup – using only a good moisturizer or sunscreen. In this way, you prevent your skin from becoming even more irritated and prevent future problems.

Stay hydrated

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As we talked about in the posts about Jet leg and more comfortable flights, the hydration of our body is also essential. That is, drink a lot Water before, during and after the flight. Better yet, drink plenty of water always! In addition to making our skin look better, it makes various body functions work more properly.

What you can’t miss in the necessaire

Skin care products

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Now, let’s talk about other items that cannot be left out of the travel case. Starting with the darling of many people out there: the bepantol! It has a super powerful moisturizing function and can be used both on the body and on the lips. Still talking about hydration, take a mini version of your cream preferred and also a good lip balm.
During the flight, several people feel the inside of the nose very dry. If you have this problem, keep a small bottle of saline. A little pot of thermal water is also very welcome and your face skin thanks agrad
Who already follows some of these tips?

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