Beer Spa in Prague: Our Experience

Beer Spa in Prague: Our Experience

Some spas around the world are very peculiar, like the one we went to Russia, with the right to a treatment with oak branches. On our last trip, for example, I believe we found a spa to compete with this one in terms of eccentricity. After all, who ever imagined going on a beer spa?
We got to know this very authentic spa modality in Prague, capital of good beers.
But Dani, how does it work? I’ll leave everything well explained here for you!


beer spa
I believe that this spa must exist elsewhere in the world, but what we went to in Prague is called Original beer spa. Anyone in town or planning to go there can book the time at either of the two units – at Žitná or Rybna. Just see which is within your script ?
The two places follow the same pattern, with the difference that Rybna is closer to the city center. The treatments are at least an hour long, so it is worth reserving a part of the day just for that!


beer spa
The spa itself has the beer tubae, amazing, a hay bed. By their explanation, this space serves as a resting environment for you to absorb all the vitamins and benefits of the combination of ingredients that goes in the bathtub.
And no, there is literally beer in the bathtub! The hydromassage water has the same natural extracts used for the production of Czech beer: hops, yeast and malt.
Apparently all of these ingredients help in detoxifying your body, with hops contributing to the vitality of the skin, and vitamin B and yeast enzymes help in skin regeneration. Who there imagined these benefits?
And best of all: unlimited beer for the time you spend there, plus a super yummy homemade bread roll!
Who would go to that spa? If you want to see the space better, just watch the video that we posted on the channel. Or just see right here ?

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