Bella Paulista – Vegetarian in SP

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Guys, anyone who follows me on Instagram knows that I’m crazy about Bella Paulista, right? I couldn’t help but mention this delicious bakery, which for my happiness is 24h and still delivers at home! Being a bakery, those who are vegetarian do better than those who are vegan, but still, vegan has options!
I’m always around and end up going for ice cream or a hamburger. Yes, they also have a veggie burger and, as you know, I’m a hamburger maniac!
My favorite is the vegetarian X-Salad (those who are vegan can keep what would be the vegetarian X-Salad, without cheese or mayonnaise). I really like the texture of the hamburger dough and their mayonnaise, and the salad is served well too!
The place is a bakery, so there are lots of vegetarian options and, in addition, they have a giant buffet, with soups, breads and sweets that stays until 4am. The only thing though is that they are always full and often have to wait to get a table.
This time, I decided to try a coffee called Allegria Della Bella, which takes nothing less than a shot of espresso, condensed milk and whipped cream!
And then, to finish, I had a scoop of ice cream that (as far as I know) only they do and it’s wonderful: the Tapioca! A delight! Ice creams are really good (but none of them are vegan, unfortunately).
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Those who do not want to enter the bakery, they have a part of the ice cream shop facing the street.
I left Bella Paulista, which is at Haddock Lobo, 354.
Prices are not low but everything is sooooo good!
Ice cream 1 flavor R $ 9.20
X-Salad Vegetarian $ 19.50
Allegria Della Bella R $ 13.90

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