Belts with Double Buckles

Belts with Double Buckles

If there is an accessory that has been forgotten in my closet for some good years, it was the belt, or better, the belt as the focus of the look. The more delicate and thin models were kind of necessary in some cases to hint a loose dress or hold those pants, but they almost never became the highlight of the production. However, seeing several street style references around the world, I saw that the accessory became the focus of many productions.
First it started with models of famous brands with the big logo on the front, but I must confess that this was never my favorite style. It was then that I saw this model with double impactful buckles and I fell in love – even those who accompany me in the insta stories saw my happiness when the piece came home.

Belts with Double Buckles

Photo: Nordstrom

The piece by itself already leaves any production with jeans and basic shirt more modern and stylish, right? However, the model can also be used in more delicate looks such as dresses and even to deconstruct more formal productions such as a suit.

The belt has this footprint more rocker that you know I love and instantly brings a weight to your looks. As I am constantly mixing styles, I thought it was very worthwhile to invest in an accessory that will help me to versatile my wardrobes and leave those more basic looks with a more modern feel.

In fact, I think trends have to be used like that, you know? Only when it has to do with your style and not because it is “in fashion”. This is one of those accessories that I bet because I know it won’t stay at the bottom of the drawer. Try to reflect more on this when you are thinking of buying something very fashionable, because the risk of using it only once is very high.


Well, but if you, like me, think this is a piece worth buying, I selected 5 models that you can already buy online ?
Belts with Double Buckles
1- Upper store via Steal the Look Shop | R $ 149.00
2- VB Belts at Dafiti | R $ 138.99
3- Loja Superior via Steal the Look Shop | R $ 144.00
4- JK Belts at Dafiti | R $ 69.90
5- Superior store via Steal the Look Shop | R $ 189.00

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