Bento Bread – São Paulo

Bento Bread - São Paulo

If there is a place that I can’t let go of and that I recommend a thousand times to all my friends and family who come to São Paulo, it’s the bakery at the São Bento Monastery. Everything – when I say everything is EVERYTHING – is done with the utmost care and care, and is absolutely delicious. Just so you don’t go crazy, wanting to buy everything, when I stop by the Monastery I will indicate my favorites, which are to be eaten praying: the mandioquinha bread, the olive bread, the Pax biscuit (made with orange blossom water ), the Lumen biscuit (made with cardamom, cane molasses, ginger and cinnamon), the Laetare cake (with almond flour, eggs, cinnamon and lemon – perfect for anyone who is allergic to lactose, as it won’t contain milk), honey bread with apricot filling (which you can also buy in a beautiful box to give as a gift) and the cocoa cupcake with hazelnut (that’s right, the monks are also getting trendy ? which comes two in a beautiful tin).
I know, I know, I ended up saying several little things to buy, but it was very difficult to reduce this list to just these products, because there are so many wonderful ones. The good thing is that almost all of these delicacies come in super charming boxes or bags and you can gift your friends and even ask for a small piece ? I COULD KILL FOR MOSTEIRO, how about you, too?
The bakery of the Monastery of São Bento is inside the Monastery, in Largo de São Bento. The most beautiful and new store in the Monastery is at Rua Barão de Capanema, 416. And they still deliver over the internet… didn’t I say they are trendy? ?
PHOTO: Danielle Noce – IG: icouldkillfordessert

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