Berlin’s best cafes and bakeries

Berlin's best cafes and bakeries

The gastronomy of Germany was one of the things that surprised me most there. I loved all the restaurants I went to and wanted to visit even more different places. In fact, if you want to know the best places to have lunch or dinner there, just click here.
In addition to these two meals, it is always good to take a break for a snack in the morning or in the afternoon. With that in mind, I selected the most recommended cafes and bakeries in Berlin for you. They all have delicious options to make that stomach cheat, you know?


Berlin's best cafes and bakeries

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With four units per city, The Barn is one of the favorite cafés for tourists and locals alike. The first one opened in 2010, in the Gallery District, one of the busiest regions in Berlin.
All the stores of the brand have a modern and trendy atmosphere, ideal for those who value food as well as the aesthetics and design of the environment. The owners of the space are true coffee enthusiasts, so take extra care with the beans that will be the origin of the coffee made by them. They always look for sustainable producers who work with seasonal grains, which makes the product even more fresh and tasty.


Berlin's best cafes and bakeries

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The Arab and Tunisian touches on Ben Rahim’s products are the main differential of the place. The atmosphere of the café is very small and it is more frequented by residents of the region, which makes the whole experience of going to it even more incredible. After all, it is always about feeling within the culture of the country that you are getting to know, right?
The coffees and croissants are delicious and everything is prepared very carefully by the store staff. As the space is small, it is very common for people to order drinks or snacks to go. This is a great option for those who are in Mitti and want to grab something to eat while walking around the area.

Accompanying coffee

Berlin's best cafes and bakeries

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If you are the type who loves teas, be sure to include Companion Coffee in your script. The owners of the place traveled to various places to see different types of cafes and only after that they decided to open their own store in Berlin.
The cafe works in partnership with Voo Store, which is an incredible clothing store in the city. It is a good one for those who want to go shopping instead and, afterwards, have a very tasty tea or coffee. The beans used are also seasonal, so the taste of the coffee may change slightly depending on when you go.


Berlin's best cafes and bakeries

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Bonanza Coffee is one of the most hipster-style coffee shops in the city. The walls are all concrete and the decor is all minimalist, leaving the atmosphere very modern. They are very concerned with the quality of the coffee they serve, so everything is carefully selected in order to bring the best vintages to the coffee.
In addition, the beans from this location go through the minimum roasting process. According to the brand, this way of treating the beans makes coffee tastier and you can feel the difference on the palate! If you go to them and like coffee, you can also buy bags with the coffee beans served by them.

High quality coffee from the refinery

Berlin's best cafes and bakeries

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Refinery High End Coffee’s coffee, breads and sweets are the ones that leave you with a warm heart, you know? They work with different brands of coffee, all of which are super concerned with always serving the best to customers.
His environment is very welcoming and many people often visit the place to work or even study. Ah, it is close to the Friedrichstraße metro station. It is very worthwhile to stop by if you are in the region ?


Berlin's best cafes and bakeries

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Another amazing place to eat cakes and have a good coffee is Westberlin. The interesting thing about this place is that it even looks like a small bookshop. Around the tables are shelves with several books and magazines available for those who visit the place and want to leaf through something. As in Refinery High End Coffee, many people go to the place to work, since the environment is very quiet.

Five Elephants

Berlin's best cafes and bakeries

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As one of the most traditional cafés in Berlin, Five Elephant is always busy. They have one of the largest varieties of grains when compared to the other places on this list. In fact, one of the options is coming from Brazil!
Five Elephant is a great option for those who want to have breakfast in a different space. His menu includes cakes, croissants, pancakes, bagels and more. They also offer the option of buying packs of coffee beans. That is, if you like it, you can take a little bit of it to your home.


Berlin's best cafes and bakeries

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Want the perfect place to have breakfast in Berlin? Just go to Distrikt Coffee. The interior of the place has an older industrial footprint, especially because of the brick walls and the steel details of the decoration.
They don’t have that variety of coffees, but the ones they offer are great. Most people who go to this place usually go for brunch, so it’s a good thing if you’re the type of person who likes to wake up late and doesn’t mind joining breakfast with lunch ?
Paulo and I love to visit Berlin and we filmed everything for you. In the vlogs we tell you even more tips about the city and show you several incredible places there, be sure to watch!

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