Best hotels in Istanbul

Best hotels in Istanbul

Istanbul is not an ordinary city, after all, you will hardly find out about a region so rich culturally and with such a unique and mixed aesthetic. In addition to the beauty of the streets and monuments, the city is all very charming. As you can imagine, it is clear that Istanbul also has good surprises when it comes to accommodation ? Whenever I travel, I try my best to choose a hotel that is comfortable and, at the same time, beautiful and welcoming.
I think it’s important that you choose a hotel that you like, because it will be your resting place during the days of the trip and it is essential to be in a nice place. I did several searches for legal accommodations around the city and found some charming hotels. I’ll tell you what my favorites were!

Georges Hotel

Best hotels in Istanbul

Photo: CN Traveler

The Georges Hotel is one of the most charming and cozy hotels in the city. It has only 20 rooms available and the whole building has a very beautiful style. Most rooms have balconies with views of the city, so it is worth asking for one of the rooms that has a good view.
Several rooms have walls with worn bricks, which I think is a charm! The doors also have an older look, as both they and the floor are made of reclaimed wood. Composing this more rustic atmosphere, the hotel is decorated with a harmonious blend of more modern and vintage furniture. His location is great, as it is on Serdar-ı Ekrem, one of the most interesting streets in Istanbul. There you will find shops, bars and art galleries, for example.

Tomtom Suites

Best hotels in Istanbul

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Like the Georges Hotel, TomTom Suites has only 20 rooms, meaning it is also a very small hotel. One of the coolest things about it is that all rooms have a spa bath, perfect for those who want to relax after a day walking the city streets. The bathrooms are all covered with marble, leaving the place looking amazing.
The facade of the hotel is reminiscent of an 1850 building and is wonderful! It is in a very quiet area, close to several museums and art galleries. Another nice aspect of this place is the terrace at the top of the building, which has a surreal view. Overall, Tomtom Suites is elegant and perfect for those who prefer to stay a little further away from busy streets.

Amira Hotel

Best hotels in Istanbul

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Some of the best points in relation to the Amira Hotel are the elegance and comfort that they provide to customers. Even the simplest rooms have whirlpool baths and, to top it off, on the lower level of the accommodation, you will have access to a great spa. Ah, they also have a terrace that gives you a beautiful view of the Marmara Sea!
The rooms have a touch of luxury, but nothing too extreme. The decoration in neutral tones mixes with velvet details of warmer colors. As for the location, it is in the Sultanahmet area, one of the most touristic parts of the city. As the region is well geared to tourism, the prices of restaurants and even the hotel are a little more expensive. However, it is well worth staying in, especially if you want easy access to the center.


Best hotels in Istanbul

Photo: Travel For Senses

The Witt is one of the smallest hotels on that list, having only 15 rooms. It is very modern and the environments are super relaxed. Most of the furniture is made of organic wood and some parts of the room have the appearance of unfinished work, something that was purposely designed. This makes the place even more special and original – I, in particular, love this type of decoration. In addition, the rooms are quite large and each has a small area made especially for coffee or tea.
They also have a beautiful terrace, ideal for those who love to watch the sunset with a lovely view. For those who will depend on public transport, the hotel is just 5 minutes away from the Tophane metro station!

Karakoy Vault

Best hotels in Istanbul

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The variety of room styles at Vault Karakoy is greater than that of the other hotels I have mentioned so far. They have 63 rooms and they are divided into 7 categories, from the simplest to the most luxurious. Even with this division, all accommodation is comfortable and with a modern and refined touch.
I like this style of hotel because people of different financial conditions are able to enjoy the same common space, having a very similar experience. As its name suggests, the hotel is in the Karaköy region. It is a great place to stay and you will have several options for tours around the area.

Hotel Ibrahim Pasha

Best hotels in Istanbul

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The atmosphere at Ibrahim Pasha Hotel is super cozy and contemporary. Most of the rooms have an olive green tone on the walls, giving a very characteristic air to the hotel. One of the aspects that I like most about him is the roof terrace, because there you have a panoramic view of the city and can even see the Hagia Sophia.
If you like to read and want to relax in a warm place, they have a lounge with a cozy library. The hotel is close to the Blue Mosque and also the Hagia Sophia, that is, you will have easy access to two of the most visited tourist spots in the city.

Le Méridien Istanbul Etiler

Best hotels in Istanbul

Photo: Hotels in Istanbul

Paulo and I spent just one day at Le Méridien Istanbul Etiler, but it was enough time to be delighted with the hotel. We were very well received by the staff and the room was very comfortable. The decor of the rooms is modern and most rooms overlook the Bosphorus Strait. Ours, even, had this view and I fell in love with it.
It is not considered a boutique hotel, but as I went and loved the place, I had to put it on the list. The nearest metro station to the hotel is Etiler, which is some 850 km away!

The St. Regis

Best hotels in Istanbul

Photo: Reserva

St. Regis is also not called a boutique hotel, but it is impossible not to mention it on this list because it was one of the most amazing hotels I have ever been to. Their breakfast is delicious, with a wide variety of products, and this is just a bonus in relation to the entire structure of the building.
It is further away from the main tourist attractions of the city, so it may not be a good place for those who are not going to rent a car or will not have any kind of guide throughout the trip. Despite this, it is a beautiful hotel with a very innovative decor, with several contemporary works scattered throughout the common areas of the building.
As you may have noticed, all hotels are incredible, right? I love each one of them and I hope you do too. If you want to see our experience around the city, just watch our vlogs ?

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